Fleshlight Go Torque

9 mins ago

Look, a brand new Fleshlight! This time with focus on ease of travel and normal sized penises. It’s smaller, lighter and easier to handle but it retains the classic Fleshlight look. Fleshlight Go does not feel like a downgrade at all.

Fleshjack Boys Pierre Fitch Dildo

5 days ago

This is the cock of famous gay porn star Pierre Fitch, or at least a replica. Molded from the real deal and recreated in glorious medical grade silicone. The Fleshjack Boys line of products has always set the bar when it comes to quality realistic dildos and this is no exception.

Intimate Organics Soothe

1 week ago

I am all for great lubricants. But I am pretty psyched for great organic lubricants. It’s only natural that the stuff we put into our bodies should have as good ingredients as possible. I have put Intimate Organics Soothe anal lubricant to the test.

Heps Otris

2 weeks ago

Heps Otris is a refreshing take on the modern masturbator, and it’s the only one of its kind. This one is customizable in terms of both texture, length and suction unlike anything I have seen before.

Tenga Egg

3 weeks ago

Tenga Eggs are practical masturbation products for one time use. So called Ona Caps. They are both small and easy to handle. A true winner for travel and urgent needs.

Bad Dragon Flint

4 weeks ago

Straight from the fantasy wizards at Bad Dragon, we get a custom Flint. The so called uncut studded dragon. A rather girthy dildo with a nice curve and heavy stimulating scales along the shaft, topped by a pair of perky balls.

Lelo Hugo & Bruno

1 month ago

Two of the all new anal products from Lelo are called Hugo and Bruno. Both of them are hands free prostate and perineum stimulators with two powerful vibrating motors. They are exactly the same except that Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless SenseMotion remote. Well designed, powerful and easy to use are some of the highlights from both.

Lelo Loki

1 month ago

This is one of Lelo’s latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less.

GTC Spider Backside

1 month ago

Emerging from the exotic lands of Korea is the GTC Spider masturbator. It shares features with a few of the most popular brand names in the market, with one major addition that is both useful and so much fun.