Top Picks of 2014

2014 is well in the past, and it has definitely been a year of great toys. I just wanted to mention some products that I think are the best as of now. I will only include products I have tested myself, but it is not limited to reviews from the past year. Now you know what to spend your money on, and what to keep handy in your toy box!

Highlight: Kiiroo

Over the years, I have come to expect a lot from the internet. Like the way that it connects me and countless others to people who would otherwise be unreachable. Ever had one of those long chats until early morning or wished you could connect even more to someone special? Be it a partner, a cyber crush or a soul mate – things are looking up, in a way I did not expect to come this soon. Kiiroo.

Tantus Juice

Ever fancied using a hand juicer in your butt? Tantus think you have – and they come to the rescue with this unusual butt plug so we can all fulfill that part of our love life fantasies. Despite the juicer reference it is a toy I absolutely adore.