Highlight: Kiiroo

Over the years, I have come to expect a lot from the internet. Like the way that it connects me and countless others to people who would otherwise be unreachable. Ever had one of those long chats until early morning or wished you could connect even more to someone special? Be it a partner, a cyber crush or a soul mate – things are looking up, in a way I did not expect to come this soon. Kiiroo.

Electrastim Ovid

The Ovid is a nicely shaped black silicone dildo with a hidden secret. It attaches to ElectraStim’s electro stimulator to send jolts directly into the prostate. At first I had a hard time believing that silicone would actually conduct electricity. But all doubt was vanquished when I connected everything and turned it on while it was up my butt.

Anal Stimulation Demystified

A few hours left of Anal August calls for a guide… A lot of people have a misconception that anal penetration is painful, dirty and cause loss of masculinity. It is troubling because without experimenting with the body, it’s not really possible to experience pleasure to its full potential. I’m not saying that anal stimulation is for everyone. As with every other stimulation and sex act, it is really individual. But for those who are open to it, it is usually mind-blowing. I go on about raving about this plug and that dildo, but what about you who are just starting to explore?