Advertise Here is a leading Norwegian sex blog which focuses on adult product reviews and the occasional educational guide geared towards men. My aim is to help others enjoy a healthier, happier sex life and demystify the subject of male pleasure. This started back in May 2013 and I have been an active blogger since then, posting around once a week. All content is original and created by me. More…

My readership continues to increase month after month and include readers from all over the world. Majority of my readers are from the US, with European countries following in second. Should you need the current stats, please contact me directly and I will email you a copy of my up to date Media Kit.

I offer both banner advertising in different sizes and locations (such as upper/lower sidebar and header/footer locations. Specifics can be discussed.), text links, sponsored articles*/copy writing and giveaways. All this in addition to the bread and butter of this site; the reviews.

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* Please note that I am required by law to inform my readers of advertising, and this is especially important for written articles which are harder to differentiate from independent content.



Can I advertise my business with you? Yes! As long as it is slightly along the lines of sex positivity and personal well being, I see no reason why not.

Where can by banner be placed? Your banner can be placed in the sidebar, high and low and in the header and footer of the content area.

Will banners rotate? None of my banner slots are sold on a rotational basis, and your ad will be visible on all pages at all time.

Do you accept many banner ads? No. I never intended this site to be overrun by ads and it never will be. I only accept a few ads at a time. That way ads get the attention they deserve while the readers are happy.

How can I pay? You can pay with credit cards and transfer through Paypal. I will cover the fees for this.

Can I use a banner that is x*x pixels? Yes, while I prefer to keep things aligned nicely, we can always discuss your needs. Contact me about that.

How fast will my banner be uploaded? The banner will be uploaded within 48H after payment.

What are your prices? Banner ads start at 200NOK/£20/$30 and depends on size and position.

Do you provide a discount? Yes, you will get a discount if you prepay for a longer duration.

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