Categories for Butt Plugs

Tantus Twist

Tantus makes some of the best silicone products in the world. Especially when it comes to firm silicone plugs for the butt. I reviewed the similar Tantus Juice earlier and I loved it. This time Tantus Twist is put through its paces.

Njoy Pure Plug Medium

Don't be fooled by the simple and neutral appearance of this plug. Njoy Pure Plug is a perfect example of an anal plug and surely a partner for life.

Laid B.1

This is an extraordinary anal plug made of black granite. That is 500 million year old stone right there. It's a Norwegian design so it makes perfect sense to finally give it a go. And it's a charmer!

Meo Anal Master

The Anal Master from Meo is truly a unique product. It's a plug and an anal pacifier in one. Easy and comfortable insertion but a completely restrained feeling without discomfort.

Tantus Juice

Ever fancied using a hand juicer in your butt? Tantus think you have - and they come to the rescue with this unusual butt plug so we can all fulfill that part of our love life fantasies. Despite the juicer reference it is a toy I absolutely adore.

Electrastim Classic Plug Midi

This shiny metal beauty comes from Electrastim. It’s a basic plug with some nice features. This is a review of the plug along with the electro stimulator Flick EM60.

Aneros DeVice

Today we take a look at one of Aneros' classic prostate stimulators. Namely deVICE. It shares its shape with the vibrating Vice - But this time it doesn't have room for a bullet vibe, it's filled with silicone instead. Is it a downgrade or what?

Zizi Black Hole Tunnel

New to the Zizi family of Keepburning toys is the tunnel plug with the fitting name Black Hole. It's a plug for unplugging you hole. Neat. You might ask what a tunnel plug is good for, seeing as butt plugs are all about - yes, plugging a hole. Well, it's all about the feeling.