Categories for Lubricants

Sliquid Silk

Sliquid is one of those brands that except not being readily available in Norway, has really impressed me so far. Sliquid Silk is one variant of their water based lubes with added silicone, making it a creamy hybrid type.

Amity Jack Premium Bang Oil

Amity Jack is a company specializing in simple and effective lubricants for everyone. Their offering is simple with the Premium Bang Oil as their only product. This is an all purpose silicone lubricant, but they also have water based alternatives in the works.

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel

Astroglide Ultra Gentle Gel personal lubricant is a pretty darn good lube except one thing. It's made for sensitive skin and it does not contain alcohol, glycerin, parabens or fragrance. Neat, yeah?

AnalTotal & AquaMeo

Meo's two water based lubricants may seem similar at first, but they have both distinctive features and only one of them can be recommended, but definitely not for everyone.

Meo Ez2Fuck & FuckSlut

Silicone lubricants are great for use with a partner, with metal and glass toys and in the shower for some slippery fun. These affordable lubes from Meo surely fits the bill.

Wicked Jelle

Is there such a thing as the perfect lubricant? Wicked Jelle is a super thick and goopy water based lubricant that's fantastic for anal sex and use with toys. It feels super gentle and is made of high quality ingredients.

Meo Cock Candy

Tired of plain oral sex? Cock Candy from Meo is here to help. These are blow job gels with a unique candy-like taste. Yum!

Intimate Organics Soothe

I am all for great lubricants. But I am pretty psyched for great organic lubricants. It's only natural that the stuff we put into our bodies should have as good ingredients as possible. I have put Intimate Organics Soothe anal lubricant to the test.

Ride Bodyworx Lube

Sliquid has a range of different lubricants, and these three in the Ride Bodyworx line are made especially for men. We have one water based, one hybrid and one silicone based lubricant. All of which are runny, lightweight and very slippery.


One silicone lube that looks as clear and well designed as it feels. Überlube shows the way for others to follow and is indeed the champagne of lubricants.

Keepburning B12 Silicone

More lube! This time a silicone type from Keepburning. I have always been a bit hesitant to recommend silicone lubes but this might be an exception.