Please direct your emails to guy [at] hesnaked [dot] com – if you have any questions, suggestions or just wanna say hi. Alternatively you can use that awesome form below! Feel free to tweet me @hesnaked or ask away at tumblr if you prefer communicating that way.

If you are a retailer or manufacturer and would like me to review one of your products – feel free to send me an email and we’ll discuss the specifics. I am more than happy to try different things and would provide you with an honest review of minimum 400 words with custom photos in a timely manner. I also link back to your site. Lastly I would promote the finished review in various forms to spread the word for both of us and you may do the same. I follow these guidelines when reviewing.


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I aim to reply as soon as possible. But if you think that your email got missed, or just want to confirm I got it - hit me up on Twitter or Tumblr.
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