2nd Anniversary Sextoys Giveaway

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HN 2nd Anniversary

Can you believe it? Hesnaked just became 2 years old! And we are still going strong – giving you the reviews and insight you deserve to find your perfect sex utility. To show my appreciation for all of you, my readers, I have thrown together a little giveaway. You are able to snag some awesome products from some of the best companies in the world.

The Sponsors

First of all, be sure to visit the amazing sponsors of this giveaway – They are all fantastic and have agreed to bestow the lucky winners with some high quality sex tech stuff. By the way congrats to Tantus for just turning 18, and to Tenga for their 10 year anniversary. Hurray!

Hot Octopuss 08-11-14-04-50-34_Tantus-positive-250wide Tengalogo bmlogo

Tantus Juice plug & Super Soft C-Ring

Black Juice plug and red C-Ring. Ships worldwide.

Tantus_SuperSoft_C-Ring_Red_1 Tantus-Juice-Black-large-cmyk-1


Tenga Flip Hole White

The best Tenga! Ships worldwide.


Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme X30/X40

Hydromax Xtreme in your optimal size. Ships to Europe, USA & Canada.


Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo

The best vibrator for men! Ships to residents of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.




Info & how to enter

We will have 4 different winners, one for each sponsor. The giveaway uses the Gleam widget to keep things easy and fair – You can enter using your real name or a nick name if you prefer. Entries include various social actions as well as some creative entries. You can choose which ones you would like to do. The more you take part, the bigger your chances of winning. Some entries can be done daily too.

At the end, the winners will be drawn randomly within the Gleam widget. Entries are verified and the winners are announced (by first name and initial only) and contacted by email. You have 72h to reply, and confirm the win. Good luck!


Hesnaked.com Anniversary Giveaway

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  • Tenga and Tantus are a great combo. I don’t think that vibration really works for me, but it looks crazy good for those who like it.

  • Great giveaway…I’m still having the Pulse on my Wishlist, but all the others are fantastic as well. Also, congratulations on the 2nd anniversary!

  • amazing competition fingers crossed I know I am female yes but I am entering on behalf of MR who would very much like the Tenga Flip hole masturbator fingers crossed ;) also your photography is the best!

  • Entering on behalf of my fiance. To answer one of the giveaway questions, I find that the use of male toys being taboo is ridiculous. We can’t ostracize them if we continue to use toys ourselves. I encourage my fiance to use the toys we have when he has the urge.

    • Good to hear you are that supportive! Not everyone is so lucky – but I completely agree with you. Gender and sex toys should not cause an issue at all. Good luck in the giveaway!

  • This giveaway caught my attention via the Tenga FTW twitter. Looking good

  • Hopefully I win the Hot Octopuss. From all the reviews I’ve read and testimonies from my friends, it’s the one to look out for!

  • I think it’s ridiculous the stigma men have to face when it comes to owning sex toys. It is socially fine when a woman owns one but completely outlandish when a man is discovered to play with them. I think fair’s fair and if women are able to play with toys with no backlash, so should men. After all, equality, right?

    • I so agree, everyone should be able to enjoy themselves right? And not being judged in the process. It’s not like it is anyone else’s business anyway.

  • I honestly wish the stigma of male sex toys was nonexistent, as I want to be able to have a full sexual life without worrying about the potential blowback of using male toys. I just feel like the stigma that if you like anal play your gay is absurd because why should positive stimulation make you gay?

    • Yeah, it is ridiculous! It’s probably a result by the lack of knowledge. Many gay men do not even like anal stimulation – so saying there is a connection there is really absurd.

  • I hope I win the bathmate. Thank you for this giveaway :)

  • The stigma against men owning sex toys is straight up ridiculous. It’s simple – if women can own them, so can men.

  • Answering for my husband, I too wished that the stigma was nonexistent as it is unfair to allow women to own sex toys and to expect men NOT to own their own pleasure toys. I personally have no problems with John playing with sex toys when I’m not around. It’s only an issue if he starts to prefer that over me!

  • Very happy this site exists and very excited for a giveaway. I’ve been looking at the Tantus Juice as well as the similar Tantus Neo for quite some time – attractive toys that beg to be tried. Also very curious about any bathmate products. Not heard much in terms of reviews and would love to try… but definitely out of my price range :/ I hope I can WIN ONE instead!!!

  • Heard about this giveaway on twitter. Looks exciting! Hopefully I get to have the Tenga Fliphole; I’ve heard it’s better than the Fleshlight. (:

  • I don’t think the stigma is focused on sex toys in general. I think it is more about men experimenting with unconventional adult products. Masturbation products seem to be acceptable, where as anal toys, nipple and scrotum stimulation products all seem to be frowned upon. The theory seems to be men are only, or should only be, able to receive sexual pleasure in only one certain way. Education and open mindedness will go along way in correcting this stereotype.

  • I feel that there is currently more of a stigma for male sex toys than female toys however, female toys are becoming more accepted and I believe that given time the same will happen for mens toys.

  • Some stigma about male sex toys involves a perception that a man needs the toys because he lacks virility. Sex toys often are viewed as replacements rather than as supplements or enhancers.

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