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Win Hot Octopuss Pulse II DUO

Do you know your sex toys? Do you also know our reviews and photos? Check if you do and enter the latest Hesnaked summer giveaway! It should be fairly simple, as all of these products are reviewed here and the pictures are taken from their respective review.

What better way to kick off August, than with another sex toy giveaway?! This time we have teamed up with the amazing Hot Octopuss to give one you a brand new Hot Octopuss PULSE II DUO! This is the same fantastic product as the Solo, with the added vibrator on the underside of the toy. This makes it perfect for couples play, straight or gay.

Please visit Hot Octopuss and check out their site for more information about the prize. Follow them on Twitter if you want to interact, and follow Hesnaked if you want to be notified of other giveaways in the future or just say hi.




The giveaway is open worldwide, and will be shipped directly from Hot Octopuss or from me if you live outside of their distribution network. All you have to do is find the name of the 8 products in the picture above. Enter the names with the corresponding number into the Gleam widget. A winner is drawn from those with correct answers, or the most correct answers if no one gets them all. I’ll contact the winner and require a email response within 3 days. Otherwise a new winner will be selected. Good luck!

Hesnaked Summer Givaway


This giveaway style was inspired by the lovely Emmeline Peaches.

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  • why do you have to make us feel so desperate in your contests? I fell for the last one. 1 in 4000? no way am i spending another hour on here. i do enough worthless stuff online. Not that your site is worthless. i’ve looked through most of it and check on your updates i get in email. if you need more views go advertise on youtube or porn sites….get new viewers. don’t reuse your base of people. you might burn them out on your site.
    btw i found your site because i was looking for a new sex toy. I got overwhelmed with mixed reviews elsewhere and prices. I’m looking for this one i got a while back…it was just a pink tube with suction and small vibrator that went in one end that tickled under the head and the material was awesome. it was 20 bucks and the best toy, besides the og fleshlight i’ve ever had. still haven’t found what it’s called. and my days of buying overpriced shit that i use once or hurts are over. please do an article where you try every cheap masturbator and then let us know which ones work. that’d be awesome. but you’d probably lose money so i’ll keep on dreaming.

    • Why would the competition make feel desperate? This is about doing something for the readers and not gain a bunch of new ones. It was supposed to be a fair and fun way for those who spend time here to win a wonderful product.
      I’m working on an article like that with a compilation of some of the best affordable products, but this site is all about the body safe stuff. These tend to cost a bit more, but not always. I don’t see how writing about less expensive products would make me lose money. It’s not like this site was made to be a cash cow anyway, rather just pay for itself and cover hosting and domain costs :-)

  • I thought the contest was clever. I had fun looking through the older posts trying to match up the pics. Your site has the best photography, by the way. :)

  • I just wanted to say this was so fun. I probably got one or two wrong but I loved it. xx

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