Pulse vs Cobra Libre

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Pulse VS Cobra Libre

One thing I get asked a lot through comments and through search queries is this… Which one is best, what should I buy and what are the differences between the Hot Octopuss Pulse and the Fun Factory Cobra Libre? Get ready… Fight!

OK, so I’ll start by saying that these are both amazing toys. I love both of them and they both have their unique focus and features. I think it is near impossible not to be satisfied with a purchase of either of these, however there are some differences that might shift you more towards one.

The basics are that both are rechargeable vibrators for men. They are designed to stimulate the head of the penis, or more precisely the back of the head. The frenulum. They are both made in firm body safe silicone and hard ABS plastic. And they can both be charged by a USB charging cable. The Cobra Libre uses the awesome magnetic charger system, while the Pulse uses a regular jack plug for charging.

The main differences between the two is that the Cobra Libre has two motors which vibrate and the Pulse & Pulse II has one motor which oscillates.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

In terms of stimulation the Cobra Libre offers a wide range of different modes and patterns. The two motors alternate in power to produce stimulation that simulates movement and seems to come from all directions. It is great fun trying out the different patterns, but it’s not as intense as the Pulse & Pulse II. Meaning it will take some more time to reach orgasm, at least for me. But the build up is what makes it so great. It’ suitable for both foreplay and solo masturbation purposes. And like I mentioned variation is key here. It is also waterproof which opens up more possibilities and simplifies cleaning. Please note that the Cobra Libre II comes with physical buttons not shown in the picture and a few other improvements, look out for the review coming soon.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

The Pulse & Pulse II on the other hand, which oscillates, is more intense and straight forward. The only thing you can adjust is the intensity, and even the lowest setting is pretty intense. It provides a much deeper pounding sensation than the Cobra Libre and it takes just a few minutes to reach orgasm when I’m in the mood for a quickie. Because it is so intense I feel it limits the possibilities for steady build up, teasing and foreplay. However the Pulse also works as a couples vibrator as the underside of the device vibrates to stimulate a partner. I have gotten mixed reports on this, and it seems you should not base your purchase on this alone. The Pulse is not waterproof, and requires cleaning by cloth. But for Pulse II this is no longer an issue.


Both hold a great charge and are topped up by a few hours with the charging cable. Quality wise, the Cobra Libre has the upper hand. It just feels sturdier, and the matte plastic are less prone to scratches than the glossy underside of the Pulse & Pulse II.

So that adds up to a win for the Fun Factory Cobra Libre when it comes to features. And the Pulse & Pulse II gets a win for its intensity. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what you want out of your toy and what’s important for you. I know that Pulse is the one I reach for most often.

Do you know what you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Pulse II Solo available at: Lovehoney (Worldwide) and Hot Stuff (EU). Cobra Libre available at: Lovehoney (Worldwide) and Hot Stuff (EU)

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  • I have a pulse and after about a month the thing suddenly became so loud that I can only use it if covered with a mound blankets, very dissapointing. I imagine a component of the motor has broken loose and is now pounding into the moving plate instead of moving with it. I have just bought a libre 2 so here’s hoping that lasts longer. I have a couple of their other toys and the quality is excellent, just have to wait for it to charge now >_<

    • That’s no good! You should probably return it. The Pulse does have a 1 year warranty. Good luck with you Cobra Libre, though! I hope you’ll like it :)

  • I’m a Cobra Libre fan, the toy is amazing and the quality is excellent!

  • On the other hand, The Octopuss Pulse goes for me!

  • I have recently tried both the Cobra Libre and Hot Octopus Pulse Solo after being inspired by your blog and making the investment. After a few weeks and a good go with both, I prefer the Cobra Libre. I am (unfortunately) a very small guy and the Cobra Libre is the first toy that grabs hold and I feel I can fill it. Yes, it takes a while to cum but I consider that a positive. Changing the vibrations keeps me hard and interested and the eventual hands free climax is awesome. Highly recommended, especially for other ‘little’ guys. The Hot Optopus is not a fail, I just prefer the Cobra Libre

    • The Hot Octopus Pulse Solo died a sad death leaving me to finish myself off. I won’t bother replacing it.

  • can the cobra libre accommodate larger cock guys

  • Which is noisier right our of the box?

    • in my opinion the Pulse is noisier out of the box. Depends on the intensity setting though.

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