LoveArc is a manual sex machine that works with dildos and masturbators. It can even act as a nice and stable base as seen in the picture above. Most sex toys with a suction cup are compatible with the LoveArc and it makes it easy to spice things up.

Nexus Vibro

A rough-looking vibrating prostate stimulator. Does the Nexus Vibro have enough oomph to topple Aneros from the unofficial prostate throne?

Wicked Jelle

Is there such a thing as the perfect lubricant? Wicked Jelle is a super thick and goopy water based lubricant that's fantastic for anal sex and use with toys. It feels super gentle and is made of high quality ingredients.

Tuxedo from Lelo

Through the years I've seen quite a bit of humorous bedroom gear. Honestly I did not expect to see something like this from Lelo - but perhaps it's part of the breaking of barriers stuff.

Meo Cock Candy

Tired of plain oral sex? Cock Candy from Meo is here to help. These are blow job gels with a unique candy-like taste. Yum!

Velv’or Jnaja

3D printed designer cock rings, you say? Yes, this is Velv'or Jnaja! A stylish cockring with a perineum stimulator built in. It's firm, rough and delicious. But how does it fear when put to the test?

Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is somewhat legendary. But it is also a product that has a few contradicting experiences floating around the internet. This requires my attention and at the same time brings a male opinion to the table.

Vorze A10 Cyclone SA

If you're familliar with the brand of male masturbators called Rends, you know that these Japanese contraptions are unique and high quality products. From the makers of Rends comes this new brand new product series called Vorze. A10 Cyclone SA is a fully automated masturbation machine and boy does it deliver.

Rocks Off Hand Solo

I am all for body safe masturbators, and nothing beats silicone in this regard. That's why a simple silicone masturbator combined with the iconic Rocks Off 60mm bullet seemed like a good idea. It looks pretty awesome in that electric blue color too.

Meo Anal Master

The Anal Master from Meo is truly a unique product. It's a plug and an anal pacifier in one. Easy and comfortable insertion but a completely restrained feeling without discomfort.

Meo 2