Bad Dragon Flint

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Bad Dragon Flint

Straight from the fantasy wizards at Bad Dragon, we get a custom Flint. The so called uncut studded dragon. A rather girthy dildo with a nice curve and heavy stimulating scales along the shaft, topped by a pair of perky balls.

Bad Dragon Flint was sponsored by Bad Dragon for an honest review. This does not affect my views. Thank you for making this test possible!

This particular Flint is a custom-made small size dildo, in a medium firmness silicone. The coloring is a sweet fade from light pearly silver to a nice sky blue. It looks incredible, and the details are just as wonderful. There are no seams or bubbles anywhere – the quality really shows. Just what I come to expect after reviewing Bad Dragon’s Duke’s Butt earlier. Amazing toys, fantastic customization and wonderfully helpful staff are what awaits at Bad Dragon.

Bad Dragon Flint

Flint may be called small in terms of length, but it more than makes up for that in thickness. This is certainly a product for those who know their limits well. Measuring in at 7 inches (18cm) in length with 5.5 insertable inches (14cm) and a whopping 7 inches (18cm) in circumference! The bigger sizes are for pro players only, I’d say. Medium or softer firmness will make it a bit easier to handle, but it sacrifices a bit of stability. Not that the pure girth of this toy can’t make up for that. Flint keeps standing proud during insertion – but it’s something to keep in mind with the slimmer toys and smaller sizes. Medium seems like a good fit. It’s anal friendly and very squishy. But at the same time it holds up pretty well and keeps most of the texture intact.

One thing to note is that Flint requires a good amount of lube to get going. The silicone has a smooth surface that’s neither matte or glossy! rather somewhere in between. It has a lot of drag, so bring on the lube sooner rather than later.

I find that it’s easier to first insert it with the curve pointing backwards and then try the other way around for some prostate stimulation. I have no idea why this is, but it’s something to do with the angle and thickness that gets a bit tricky. Personally I wish that the small was slightly smaller as the gap between the mini and small is pretty big both in terms of length and girth. Maybe I’m just in borderlands when it comes to what I am able to handle. And that is not the toy’s fault. But when debating the size, I did not want to lose out on any length as it’s Really on the short and stout side of things.

Bad Dragon Flint

Once relaxed and all lubed up, this is a product that feels simply amazing. Each one of those ridges feel great as the anal muscles pop over each of those scales. The process can be a bit tedious as the head is very blunt and the increase in girth is pretty big. Once it’s in though – it’s all worth the trouble. It tapers slightly towards the balls, allowing for the muscles to relax while keeping the toy in place. It feels intense and very filling. And the sheer volume and gentle curve make sure the prostate is in for a real treat. I’d call the prostate stimulation indirect but firm and it feels great.

As a texture lover, this is the dragon for me. Just look at those gorgeous ridges. In the medium firmness it’s squishy enough that the ridges compress a bit on insertion, keeping things comfortable while still being felt. On the way out, they feel more pronounced as they catch on – it feels  more like a continuous massage. The gradual taper makes it easy to remove as well. I haven’t experienced this thing popping out before I am ready and in turn causing pain that way. The studs running along the scales can’t be distinguished during use, but they look nice.

The foreskin is a nice detail not found often in sex toys. I quite like it and it gives the dildo some extra character. The balls are a nice touch offering both stability and grip. Sadly, Flint does not come with a suction cup base – but it can be fitted with a cumtube for dragon sized ejaculations. I prefer to keep my dildos as easy to clean as possible, and the added urethra would not help in that aspect.

Bad Dragon Flint

Bad Dragon Flint Overall

I do think it’s a fantastic product and the quality and attention to detail really shows. I enjoy the great texture and the overall shape. The silicone is wonderful and feels fleshy and comfortable, but keep in mind that the size is on the hefty side. I’m a bit on the fence regarding the size myself, and my wise words should be to start at the lower end of the scale and work towards the sky. That way it will probably be a lot more approachable, except you might miss the extra length.

Flint isn’t a dildo I will use regularly. My eyes were simply too greedy for that. But every now and again when I want something extra – I don’t have to look any further than my handsome dragon.

It starts at $65 + shipping and are available in almost every color imaginable and sizes mini, small, medium, large and extra-large. Head over to Bad Dragon for a look. They also have nice prices on pre-made models, so check that out!

Straight from the fantasy wizards at Bad Dragon, we get a custom Flint. The so called uncut studded dragon. A rather girthy dildo with a nice curve and heavy stimulating scales along the shaft, topped by a pair of perky balls. Bad Dragon Flint was sponsored by Bad Dragon for…

Bad Dragon Flint

Design - 9
Material & quality - 10
Stimulation intensity - 7
Experienced pleasure - 8



Massive dildo with heavy texture and a nice curve. Quite straight forward and stimulating, but very filling. Triple check the suitable sizing for you. Only thing missing is the famous built in suction cup.

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