Bulder Kuklog

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Bulder Kuklog

Greetings! I have a world premiere for you all today. It is a new brand for us boys, namely Bulder. This right here is called Kuklog, and is a small silicone dildo with a hefty base for excellent support.

Bulder is a new brand of high quality silicone toys. It’s a branch from the ever awesome Keepburning and they make safe anal toys for everyone from beginner to advanced users with some eyepopping, unusual designs. Designed by Tom Fjord; Inspired by Nordic roughness and toughness – and presented in black and blue. Their products look really unusual, innovating and had my curiosity peaked from the beginning. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on one and what else could I do but to share my impressions with you guys?

Kuklog is a small dildo with a interesting wooden texture. It looks like it is carved out of a solid piece of wood, therefore the name which plays on the norwegian word for cock and log as in – well, a wooden log. It has a nice little curve and a very pronounced head that looks perfect for prostate stimulation. The base is huge, which means this is totally fine to use anally. Additionally it provides great stability when the toy is standing.

Mine is in Bulder’s gorgeous signature electric blue color but it is also available in black and a two tone version.

It measures just under 8″ in length, 5.5 of those are insertable. Circumference is 6.1″ around the head and 5.2 down at the base. The base itself is a hefty 11.2″ around.


The simple design makes it equally simple to use. After all this time, how do I even differentiate between different dildos? They are supposed to go in there and do its thing. Well, to be honest it is really the small details that matters.

The strong points of Kuklog is the big pronounced head, the gentle curve and the use of just firm enough silicone. The firmness I really like. For a toy this size, it needs to be firm to provide a decent amount of pressure. And it delivers. It is a little squishy as well and that makes penetration more comfortable. It feels firm in use, and it is a surprisingly good fit.

Bulder Kuklog

As with any other toy for anal use, the perfect date starts with the use of a good amount lube – water based is your safest bet but a quality silicone lubricant will work great as well.

Other than the slight wood grain texture it is pretty smooth, but not glossy. It does have some tiny bubbles just under the surface which makes it look matte and dusty in a way. And to the touch it feels like something in between the usual velvety matte finish and the smooth more rubbery feeling ones. This finish however seems hold onto lubricant fairly well which is great.

It is not too big, but the head is very bulbous and it creates a nice pop(!) as it gets inserted. It is firm for its size and does provide a good amount of pressure and the natural shape makes it slide easily in and out of the body. But it still has a good amount of squish to it. That rounded head is great! It really massages the prostate better than most other toys I have tried. Point it towards the prostate and it does the rest. It is also perfect for some hard thrusting. It’s does not poke around unpleasantly. And when flexing the sphincter muscles – it feels incredible and it literally push into the prostate by itself.

Bulder Kuklog

You can really feel the head as it massages the internal walls. Thankfully the head is rounded which makes it easy, comfortable and pleasurable to use.

Because of the hefty base I prefer to have the toy standing on a flat surface and lowering onto it. It does not work too well to use it standing. Then you’d have to keep your hands on it at all times. Unless your anal muscles are made of steel, if so – Congratulations to you.

Bulder Kuklog


This silicone finish makes it super easy to clean. Hot soap and water and sex toy cleaner of your choice does the trick.

It can also be boiled, bleached and put in the dishwasher(top rack). We know this already, don’t we?


It seems to be a fairly beginner friendly toy (i.e. the just around average size), something I honestly was not expecting. But yay! I like it a lot.

I am happy to say this is a great start for the new product line and I definitely urge you to check out their products. You can browse the line at Buldertoys.com and find your very own Kuklog here from €57.90. Not a bad price if I must say so myself. You get a great little dildo with a nice big base, an unusual design and the powers to home in on your prostate without much hassle at all. The quality is great and as always silicone is the preferred sex toy material, so you can’t go wrong with this. The only thing I feel missing is a suction cup. It would have been great to have a suction cup carved out of the big base.


Bulder Toys

This sample was provided by Keepburning / Bulder for a honest review for their product launch. A special thanks to them! As always – this does not sway my opinion in any way.

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