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Fleshjack STU Jack Ass

I can’t believe it is November already. Time does fly by. Luckily I know how to keep busy as winter approaches.

The Endurance Jack by Fleshjack is something different from the rest of their peoduct line. It is called a Stamina Training Unit (STU), and supposedly provides the most intense texture while at the same time making you last longer in bed. Fancy that!

This product was provided by the awesome people at Simply Pleasure for an honest review. Many thanks to them.

What you get

Well, going with the STU you will get a Fleshjack with a unique bumpy texture, and a silver case. You can choose the orifice yourself. Mine came with the Jack ass – a very plump and pink bubble butt. Should I be worried that I enjoy banging a miniature ass? Nah, but each one has their own preferences. I do not really care once my dick is inside anyway. Just to give you all the facts, you can get the Jack Ass, like the one i have here, the Pure orifice which is just a plain hole, or the Lady parts if you take a look at the Fleshlight STU.

Other than that, you get a small sachet of lube, and a small manual with pictures of the other products in the line. Luckily they have updated their manual since earlier versions, and this one is far less sleazy looking. There has also been changes to the packaging. Whereas the old Fleshjacks came in a metal tube, the new ones come in a cardboard box with a clear window on the front. I don’t mind – we’re not keeping it in a box either way.

Fleshjack STU Box Content

Every Fleshjack is one size fits all – meaning it is pretty large. It measures 10 inches (25.4 cm) in length with the cap on, circumference of the biggest part is 12 inches (30.48 cm) and the smallest part is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm).

So, what’s good about the Fleshjacks you ask. You really have to touch it get an idea of how good it feels. The sleeve uses a material called SuperSkin. It is velvety, super squishy, absorbs heat quickly and gets super slick while lubricated. It is soft and squishy but when it’s placed in the case it does have a certain firmness over it as well. And it makes satisfying, realistic sounds should you give it a spanking.

Fleshjack STU Jack Ass Sleeve

What does it feel like?

Firstly, the opening is moderately tight. Not so much as the Bottom orifice, but way tighter than the modified Lady orifice on the Fleshlight Alien. It will stretch to accommodate any size, but if you are on the bigger side – be ready for a tight entry. I like it, a lot.

The inner canal is covered by small bumps similar to part of the Fleshlight Alien texture. It does not feel super intense or grabby, but it is a snug fit throughout and does feel somewhat realistic. More so than the others I have tried. I can’t really feel the different nubs and nodules. It actually feels comparable to the Squeeze texture – That texture is made to feel like anal sex.

It’s perfect for going slow and steady to build up your endurance. However if it actually works to prolong your sex sessions, I can’t really tell. I will update the review with details once I get a scientific study on the tracks. But even though it does not feel very intense, it must be – because this will tip you over the edge when you least expect it. Or at least it does that for me.

Should you want to mix things up, you can loosen the end cap to control the suction effect on the back stroke. I prefer to keep it closed as it makes sucking and slurping noises while open.

Because of the heavy texture you need to use a bit more lubricant than you normally would – the more you use the less friction you will feel. Remember to only use water based lubricants with your Fleshjack masturbators. Oil- and silicone based lubes will most likely destroy the material.


After use you will have to take out the sleeve and rinse it in warm water, no soap. Just place it on the tap, and let the water flow through. Give it a quick fingering as well – this way you can tell when you get the lube out.

Quick tip: do not use too hot water, or you may end up with small bits of the material coming lose and the surface becoming fuzzy.

Then squeeze excess water out of it and let it dry before placing it back into the case. I prefer to hang dry mine. I use a wall mounted towel rack for that. It speeds up the process significantly. The case is much more resilient, and you clean it however you like.

Over time, the sleeve will get a bit sticky. Get some cornstarch or Fleshlight Renewal Powder to rub it with. That will restore the brand new velvety feeling.


This is a great masturbator. I have come to expect no less from Fleshjack products. The mini butt is nice and provides some extra padding in use. But some people might be put off by it. There are other choices for the orifice, I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you. The texture feels great, although not too intense. It feels somewhat natural. I can’t really tell if I prefer this over other masturbators.. But I use it a lot and that says it all doesn’t it?

The sleeve is much less sticky than the Fleshjack Ice. I do wish it was slightly less pink, but other than that it’s great. I also love the silver case, which is my favorite of the ones I own.

Cleaning might seem like a chore, but it is well worth it. This is a toy that will get you off, it will feel good. And it might just make you last longer in bed once you learn to control yourself.

You can buy the Endurance jack from Simply Pleasure if you are in the UK. Also available directly from Fleshjack International and Hot Stuff (EU(/Worldwide) if you live elsewhere.

Simply Pleasure

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