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Fleshlight Go

Look, a brand new Fleshlight! This time with focus on ease of travel and normal sized penises. It’s smaller, lighter and easier to handle but it retains the classic Fleshlight look. Fleshlight Go does not feel like a downgrade at all.


Fleshlight Go Torque was sponsored by Hot Stuff – a premier European shop based in Amsterdam – for an honest review. A big thank you for making this review possible. Please note that this does not affect my views. Affiliate links used.


Fleshlight is trying to keep up with the popularity of smaller and more affordable masturbators. After the hit that was Flight by Fleshlight, who can really blame them. The new ultra-portable masturbator shares everything with its bigger counterparts without any shortcomings.

The first obvious change is the smaller size and lighter weight. All while keeping the iconic design and great textured outer case for a solid grip. It has the standard features as removable end caps for protection and airflow control and the famous Superskin sleeve. Go Torque comes in this clear style for maximum visual stimulation as well.

Fleshlight Go

Out of the box it’s pre-dusted with renewal powder to keep it soft and supple but it will have this frosted-glass-look. However to get the clear ice visuals, just give it a quick rinse and voilà. The clear Superskin is still the most sticky of the bunch, but nothing that interferes with everyday use of the Fleshlight Go. A little lubricant goes a long way to amend this small issue.

It has shrunk to 8.5 inches (21.5) with 7.5 inches insertable (19cm) circumference is 7-10.5 inches (18-27cm). It comes in the standard Fleshlight packaging like below. Nothing too fancy but very effective. It’s sealed in both ends to provide peace of mind.

Fleshlight Go Torque Box

The case just as easy to use and as iconic as the original Fleshlights, however this time it’s much more comfortable to hold. I never really complain about this, but it’s noticeably easier to handle. It’s the same, incredibly sturdy case with easy to use airflow control. Very simple yet effective. And not to mention it can yet again stand on the back-end if a break mid session is needed. Something the Flight could not.

Fleshlight Go

The sleeve itself is amazing, although a bit sticky. It has a faint plastic smell and is a bit oily to touch, but apparently that’s how the clear Superskin is. The texture is very much like the Crystal texture found in big Ice Fleshlights/Fleshjacks and this was one of my absolute favorites from the early days. It still is incredibly stimulating and it feels so good.

Fleshlight Go Torque Texture

The middle part feels incredible and massage the glans from different directions before the canal tightens and ends with awesome square suckers and intense ribs. This texture is so intense through and through and offers so much variation. Depending on how deep we go and the airflow, the experience is can change completely.

Compared to Flight Pilot, it feels tighter and more cushioning. The opening is the same, but Torque tightens towards the end while Pilot feels like it opens up a bit. The non depict orifices are also great on both – looks like a vortex. Ease of entry is key. All in all both feel similar, but Torque wraps firmer around the shaft that’s for sure.

Fleshlight Go Torque Sleeve

The removable sleeve is easy to clean after use. Without much effort be turned inside out, at least half way, to ensure thorough cleaning. Use warm water until all lube and stuff is gone. No soap allowed, but Fleshwash or other toycleaner does the trick. This sleeve takes a while to dry without assistance. Usually a day or two. I use a towel to speed up the process. The important part is not to store it in the case before it’s completely dry. Another thing to note is that Fleshlight Go is not compatible with the Fleshlight Shower Mount unless you use the Flight Adapter.

Fleshlight Go Torque Overall

This is one highly stimulating masturbator in a small and easy to handle size. I don’t feel like the decreased size has the same compromises as the Flight (and even that was great) and it manages to keep the cushioning feeling of the bigger models. The soft Superskin is incredible. Definitely a toy I would reach for. Not only that, it’s also quite affordable. I see no reason to pick the larger models over this, except for the different textures and orifices. Go with Torque if you want a highly stimulating texture with focus on the head of the penis as well as providing a tight canal towards the end.

Fleshlight/Fleshjack Go Torque is available at Hot Stuff (EU/Worldwide) for the net amount of €55.

Also available from Fleshjack International & Fleshlight International and Lovehoney (Worldwide) & Lovehoney UK (EU).


Look, a brand new Fleshlight! This time with focus on ease of travel and normal sized penises. It's smaller, lighter and easier to handle but it retains the classic Fleshlight look. Fleshlight Go does not feel like a downgrade at all.   Fleshlight Go Torque was sponsored by Hot Stuff…

Fleshlight Go Torque

Design - 9
Material & quality - 8
Stimulation intensity - 8.5
Experienced pleasure - 10



A great compact masturbator with an intense texture and tight canal. It offers great variation and is a fully fledged Fleshlight, only in a smaller package. It could be a bit easier to clean and less sticky and it would be close to perfection.

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  • Thanks for this review and good timing. I have the Flight Instructor which I enjoy and was about to get the Pilot for a more stimulating texture. Might opt for this one instead.

    • No problem! Yeah, it’s definitely worth a look. I’m not personally familiar with the Instructor texture, but it looks like this would be a step up in terms of both stimulation and variation. Let us know what you think if you get it! :)

  • I got this for my boyfriend since he is on the road a lot. He’s one of those guys with such a strong, constant need down there. That’s why he’s mine. He’s always getting erect and but he also wants to stay faithful and so he masturbates often when we’re not having sex which I think is so wonderful of him. He was carrying a larger, more clumsy version and couldn’t always keep it with him and whip it out in his moment of need.
    Fleshlight Go is more convenient for him but without loss of the intense stimulation he is used to. He admitted he masturbates a lot more now when he’s on the road when he feels the need and misses me. He misses me several times a day most days and it always makes hum cum strong. That makes me happy.

  • I like that it’s smaller and clear.

  • i gotta put a warning out there. New fleshlights have a removable o ring. i’m assuming to save money. problem is that the casing warps, or is just cast bad and so the o ring doesn’t fit or won’t hold. The o ring holds the sleeve inside the case. I wrote them about the problem and they promptly sent me another defective one.
    i must say that the material for the sleeve is nothing like the one i had a long time ago. this thing hurts and no amount of lube will fix the problem.
    packaging also sucks. it’s discreet but nothing is sealed. gross!! not to mention, where’s the pride? no packaging. it looks like someone stole the raw parts from the factory and threw them in a gross box. I actually looked up packaging and address to make sure we weren’t sold a fake!
    I guess that’s modern business for you. word to the wise, fleshlight is dead. don’t waste your money.

    • I’ve only had full size Fleshlights with this removable ring. The Go and Flight does not have that. As for the sleeve, the one used in the Torque feels rubbery and weird. I don’t know why.

      • yeah, i think they’re all switching over to it. if people are still getting the solid ones in any model is because it was the last of that stock. I also imagine that all sleeves in the future will not be the original material. The best way to make money off the name would be to sell the patent they had on the material, cut production costs on all materials and keep charging the same.
        Fleshlight has gotten really big financially and the second generation has taken over…which means less passion, more money, move to ‘modern business models’…nothing good for users. it sucks. i’ll be interested to try out a newer brand name who doesn’t rely on name to sell products.
        still…seeing this change puts fleshlight into perspective. they changed the whole game for the better. technology of material also happened at the same time…ironically, fleshlight did cast light onto a dark market. Yes there was pocket pussy before fleshlight and maybe even a few that were good (although most were shit). The fleshlight was the Apple computer of male masturbate. It brought a well packaged, fantastic, sex toy into homes everywhere. Now we have a whole market of good products and there’s even whole blogs devoted to them.

  • I totally agree Dan. Fleshlight has brought male matrurbation toys into the mainstream and the market exploaded. A stong demand and need has been unmet for too long in the male masturbation market but is only now catching up with women. It has become as common and normal for sexually capable men to own a fleshlight and use it regularly as women have with vibrators for years.
    I’ve often wodered why it took this long. I used to think that maybe ejaculations were not as pleasurable and as needed by men as orgasms were by women.
    Perhaps they just could not admit it or were to shy to allow themselves.
    I’m glad that has changed and sex toy industry has responded.
    It’s like any booming market though and so you do have to be careful to buy quality devices by companies that truely care and are committed to enhancing our orgasmic pleasure and frequency.


  • When I bought my Fleshlight STU 4 years ago, it came in a large metal cylinder, very nice, now new Fleshlights are packaged inside a flimsy box! Also the clear material used in transparent Fleshlights feels too rubbery unlike the opaque one which is softer and more realistic. But if you want truly realistic male masturbator, try the Meiki brand, especially the Meiki Zhang Xiao Yu masturbator. It is priced around the same as a large Fleshlight but it feels much better and extremely realistic. The textures and material are very soft and looks/feels like the inside of a vagina with uneven folds and ridges.

    • i was looking at the meiki stuff. it looks damn good. and it looks like the japanese have a slew of good products. thanks for the heads up. i’ll save my money up. maybe next year i’ll give it shot.

    • Thanks Ashyne, After reading your comment I decided to try it out. I’ve never been an avid masturbator since I have always preferred the grip and stimulation of a vagina. But my new job has me on a crazy schedule and travel and although I date several women, vaginal intercourse is just not convenient or possible as often as I am used to. Trust me when I say we screw more than daily when we’re together.
      The natural feel and convenience of this fleshlight reignited my desire to masturbate and keeps me enjoying and ejaculating strong and often like I need. Between my girlfriends and this fleshlight, my cock has never worked harder and given me as many intense, long-lasting ejaculations. To be honest, I consider myself an avid masturbator now and proud of it. I’ve loosened up on myself and found that I enjoy masturbating with other like-minded guys I connect with when I’m on travel. I’ve read that is a growing trend among str8 masturbators. I don’t know what took me so long to get on the bandwagon with the growing number of guys who have taken up the masturbation lifestyle.

      • lol!! you’re hilarious. ahhh…insecurity personified. btw he said to get a meiki. not a fleshlight.

  • Also, never turn a Fleshlight sleeve inside out! All you need to do is roll a paper towel into a long rod and insert it entirely through the sleeve, then while inside, squeeze the sleeve so the moisture gets absorbed into the towel. After that I put inside a dehumidified room and insert silica gel packets inside the sleeve and it completely dries within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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