Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

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Fleshlight Quickshot
This is a great time for us guys. New products everywhere! Fleshlight has just released the brand new Quickshot, the most compact Fleshlight masturbator as of yet. It’s open-ended for creativity and partner play.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost was sponsored by Fleshlight International for an honest review. This does not affect my views. Affiliate links used.

Fleshlight Quickshot is available through both Fleshlight and Fleshjack (note: autoplaying info video), but the products are exactly the same. It’s a compact, open-ended masturbator made with a Superskin sleeve for a realistic fleshy feel. The orifice is the same in each end and gender neutral. It has a lot more going on in terms of detailing than we’re used to. The one I’m reviewing is Quickshot Boost and comes in this sparkly silver color and black case. It’s also available in the transparent Quickshot Vantage with a more rounded inner texture.

It is so small that it almost fits in the palm of my hands. It measures 4.3 inches (8.5 cm) in length and 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) in diameter. The usable length is just around 3.5 inches (9 cm).

Fleshlight Quickshot Box

The silver superskin is a lot more sticky than I’m used to, and does not come pre-dusted like other products in the line. It also has a slight plasticy smell that I never noticed from any Fleshlight products earlier. Kind of industrial and not particularly nice. However, it does smell less over time. But it’s still noticeable at this point.

Fleshlight Quickshot Sleeve

Quickshot feels much the same as any other Fleshlight/Fleshjack other than the fact that it’s open-ended. This provides an interesting sensation focusing on the head as each opening grabs onto the corona on when pushing out and pulling back in. The inside texture is simple but very stimulating. It feels like regular, well spaced bumps all over, and each of the flaps provide a nice and gentle massage of the shaft. The sensation a more noticeable on the head though. In terms of tightness is just right, similar to the likes of Fleshlight Go.

Compared to full size Fleshlights/Fleshjacks it does feel slightly different as it doesn’t provide that all-enveloping stimulation of both head and shaft at the same time. Because of this it feels less tight and more airy – naturally. And a side effect is that lube tends to dry quicker than I desire.

Fleshlight Quickshot

It’s easy to get going and penetrate the thing, but it can get messy with a runny lube. The compact size makes it perfect for couples play and in combination with anal sex. And of course the visual aspect can be a huge turn on for exhibitionists. The open-ended design makes it perfect for a combination blowjob and the classic money shots. Meaning it’s possible to direct the ejaculation where you want it to.

Fleshlight Quickshot

When using it solo, it’s petty easy to just attach one end cap before climax to limit clean up a bit. Either way, this thing lives up to the Fleshlight name despite its compact size. It has just enough padding to keep things comfortable and it’s super easy to hold during use. Orgasms conjured by Quickshot is satisfying and intense. Not quite on the same level as the more intense full-size Fleshlights, and the build up feels more shallow.

Fleshlight Quickshot Case

When it comes to clean up, the small size makes it very simple to maintain. The sleeve is easily turned inside out to give a quick but thorough rinse. Wash with warm water – no soap for other than the case. It also air dries super quick – and is very simple to pat dry with a towel on both sides if time is an issue.

It isn’t quite as wonderful as the bigger models, but it’s still pretty great and has a few unique aspects that makes it worthwhile. But that smell is one thing that bothers me a bit. Especially combined with the possible blowjob aspect, I would have expected it to be virtually odourless like the rest of the Fleshlight products. The price however is nothing to complain about at just €30 – it’s available at Hot Stuff (EU/Worldwide), Lovehoney (US/Worldwide), Lovehoney UK (EU) and Fleshlight & Fleshjack (Note: Auto-playing info video). For some reason the Fleshjack site has it at a higher price, so go with the first links.


This is a great time for us guys. New products everywhere! Fleshlight has just released the brand new Quickshot, the most compact Fleshlight masturbator as of yet. It's open-ended for creativity and partner play. The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost was sponsored by Fleshlight International for an honest review. This does not…

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

Design - 9
Material & quality - 7.5
Stimulation intensity - 7
Experienced pleasure - 8.5



A great compact masturbator, perfect for couples and exibithionists. Not quite the same as the regular Fleshlights but it has the quality we come to expect and it does feel nice.

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  • I bought the clear Quickshot Vantage for my fiance for Christmas, and I can’t wait to use it with him. My first thoughts were getting to watch him slide through the toy, which I think would be hot, as well as being able to go down on him while I’m stroking him with the toy. It really does seem like more of a toy for use with another person. I obviously haven’t given it to him yet, but I’m excited for Christmas. He has a regular Fleshlight that he likes, but we’ve never used it together, and I like the compact size of the Quickshot as opposed to the bulk of his Fleshlight. I think the Quickshot will be much easier for me to control than his Fleshlight would be.

    • Good choice! It’s absolutely a great couples toy and more so than the standard Fleshlights. The only downside is the mentioned plastic smell it has. I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun with it anyway :)

  • I was so excited to see this and bought one for my husband for when he’s on the road. He’s one of those frequent erection types who has always has such an insatiable need ejaculate. He has always been strong in that area which is one thing that attracted me to him. His work puts him on the road a lot more these days and that has really made it difficult for him.
    So he needs to masturbates a lot when we’re not together but he needs the intense stimulation that larger devices give him but those devices just don’t travel well and are not convenient enough he can whip it out when the need arises, which can be quite often.
    Quickshot is small and discrete yet always stimulates him while he edges and then onto the strong ejaculation he needs. Actions speak louder than words and though and it has got him masturbating so much than either of us expected, he just loves it. Any man who needs to masturbate and ejaculate often but travels a lot should definitely try this.

  • With so many cool, convenient devices like this on the market to amplify your pleasure, there really is no excuse anymore not to be masturbating and ejaculating often. Pleasure aside, that is so important for health and fitness.

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