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Fresh off the press – From a UK company called Hot Octopuss comes a new vibrator for men, a guybrator. It isn’t really a vibrator either, but an oscillator. I’m excited to share this with you. Read on to see how it fares.

The Pulse is the very first product from Hot Octopuss. A vibrator for penises. It can also be used as a couples toy. More on that later.

Are you looking for a review of the new Pulse II Solo? It has its own review here.


Pulse comes in a simple cardboard box along with a small instruction manual and a USB charging cable. The box is thoughtfully designed, and kind of refreshing. However it does not hide away that it is a sex toy. But why should it? This is how it looks:

Hot Octopuss Pulse Box


The design of the toy is pretty sweet. The shape is very untraditional, and the first thing that comes to mind is an alien egg or a vessel of some kind. Hurray for imagination! The Pulse comes in a very deep blue color, almost black – very nice. Made of part matte silicone and part glossy plastic. The silicone forms a pair of wings which will wrap around your penis when you use it. The glossy plastic part vibrates and doubles as a simple massager and clitoral stimulator.

Quality wise it is pretty good, almost on the top. But when compared to the Fun Factory Cobra Libre it does not feel quite as sturdy. However, it feels both smaller and lighter in the hand.

Hot Octopuss Pulse

Pulse is rechargeable and comes with a USB cable so you can charge it wherever you are. It has a tiny silicone stopper covering the charger port, it is easy to get out but not as easy to get back in. Be careful not to pull it out too far, or you’ll be stuck fiddling for a while to get it back in.

When charging there is a LED light glowing red. Once fully charged after 3-4 hours it turns off, indicating it is ready to go. It seems it is capable of holding its charge for weeks, and the playtime ticks in at a couple of hours depending on the setting.

Usage & Impressions

The controls consists of a refreshingly simple two button system. One + button and one – button. Both are lit with blue LED lights, that’s a nice touch. To use the toy you lubricate your penis slide it in between the wings, or simply spread them to position you penis. The raised button with the embossed crown pattern – this is the Pulse Plate, should be resting against your frenulum. I say use lubricant, but it is not necessary. I just find it is a lot more comfortable to use a bit of lubricant to reduce friction. It also makes repositioning in the toy much easier.


Once you’re in place you just click the plus button and – bam! This is some serious stuff. Compared to traditional vibrators this feels more like a hammering type. And this is on the lowest setting. It is seriously intense and deep, even compared to the Fun Factory Cobra Libre, which I really like for its rumbly vibrations. There are supposed to be 9 speed settings, all of them are continuous. However I always seem to count 11. I do not complain, I’m just not sure what’s up with that.

The top setting is insane, it does not get buzzy at all it’s just going at it harder and faster. It is really a treat to use. It does not have any special settings, and I can’t say I miss anything. It just makes it very easy to use. To turn it off you can click the minus button ’till your back at the lowest speed, or simply hold it for two seconds.

The Pulse is used static, and even hands free. It manages this quite well. The flexible wings holds onto your penis, and it does not dance around if you let go of it. But you may also hold it in one hand and gently maneuver it to alternate where the oscillations hit.

And trust me, it does make you come. Again, compared to the Cobra Libre, it seems more effective. It isn’t a toy you would use for teasing as even the first setting is powerful enough to push most men to orgasm.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Underside

During use, my only complaint is that it is loud. It sounds almost like an electric shaver or hair trimmer. Not too discreet. You might need to turn up the volume of your porn a bit.

How it fares as a couples toy or a clitoral stimulator, I can not say. But the underside is not as powerful as the Pulse Plate, and is more comparable to a bullet vibe. This is not the main focus either, so it is no big deal.


The Pulse is not water- or splash proof, so you will clean it with a moist cloth. Spread its wings and give it a gentle rub. You can use toy cleaner in spray or wipe form without worry.

Just a quick note. I am a bit sad it’s not water proof. It would be perfect to use in the shower. And cleaning could be simplified, and that’s important for us guys isn’t it? Hopefully the Pulse 2.0 will be fully coated with silicone and use an induction charger or self sealing opening. Here’s hoping!


Overall this is a seriously good toy. It is about time we guys got a great and easy to use vibrator as well. Pulse certainly delivers, and aside from the noisy motor and the lack of water proofing it is everything I would have hoped for and an excellent first product. What a way to enter the market.

I would definitely recommend this and for the price of around  70GBP/100USD, you are getting a good deal. Buy it from Hot Octopuss. Alternatively, you can purchase one at Lovehoney (Worldwide) for their awesome return policy. Hot Stuff (EU) is also another great option.


This product sample was provided by Hot Octopuss for an honest review – thank you very much!

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  • Ha, it does look rather alien now that you mention it. I wish it had a few color options. That along with waterproofing it would be fabulous. My partner enjoys vibrations so I’m thrilled to hear that these vibrations are powerful and rumbly. Between you and Mr. Will I may be able to convince him to give this a shot!

    • Yeah, me too! Their website did show it in different colors, so it might be on the way. Oh, yes – this would be a great choice for him. It is truly great. I love that you can just let it do its thing, and not even have to hold it in place. I would love to hear what you think, if you decide to get it. :)

  • Would you choose this over the cobra Libre?

    • Short answer: Yes. Long answer: It is way more intense and effective initially. The Cobra Libre on the other hand is more varied and better for longer sessions IMO. Also it is a bit more quiet as well as being water proof, which is nice.

      That said, I think the Pulse will have a better success rate among most men. I would go with that if you are unsure.

  • Great toy and was worth the money for me. Helps make and keep you erect. Also, it fits snugly so it stays on your erection and continues to works it off without need of your hand. This leaves both hands free to keyboard and mouse while you surf the web, chat, and webcam. Has really enhanced my online experience. Honestly, I was not what I consider a masturbator before- only a few times a week and not for the pleasure but because I needed to ejaculate. But this just felt so good and was so I have been enjoying it day and night. After some time using it, you can count me in among the growing number of avid masturbators and proud of it.

  • If I already have a cobra libre, is it worth spending the extra money to get the Pulse as well? Also if I were to compare comparable speeds between the two do the vibrations feel any different?

    • If you like the Cobra Libre, and you want something more I think you would love the Pulse. The Pulse oscillates, it’s like a hammering motion going on under the pulse plate. It is too much for some people, but I really like it. I feel like the Pulse reaches a bit deeper, and is more focused, whereas the Cobra Libre is more versatile and gentle, if I may call it that. Comparable speeds feel different. I might do an in depth comparison for these two soon!

  • this sounds really stimulating. would it make you come too quickly?

    • Yes it is! Depending on what’s too quick for you, that might actually be the case. It is near impossible to hold back once it gets going. It’s not gentle enough that I’d recommend it for teasing or foreplay. It does its job too well for this – instead the Cobra Libre might be a better choice.

    • For me and friends I know that use this, it cans be very useful in developing and conditioning if you use it often enough, slow down and hold back on occasion before committing to your orgasm.

  • Gosh, it is so hard to decide between the Cobra L. and this ! This advertises to aid in getting an erection from flaccid. Can the CL do the same ?

    • Haha, yes I agree! It is possible, but slightly more difficult with the Cobra Libre as you have to push the penis inside it and have it stay there.

  • I just bought a pulse for my boyfriend. He looks so good with it strapped on and keeping him hard and stimulated like it does. He can walk around freely, both hands free to work on me, all the while it is doing its job on him. So sexy. It has also increased his desire to masturbate which is good for his health.

    • I’m glad to hear it! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    • Wow! I can picture it. I’m going to have to going one for my boyfriend! I can’t wait.

      • I’m glad I helped Robbin! Like I said, my boyfriend has really taken to it and has really increased his ejaculations and his appreciation of them.
        We have since bought a few as gifts for two close friends (wink-wink) … out of jest as much as our sincere interest in their pleasure. Made a great gift. They were too shy to ever buy one for themselves. They constantly thank me and update me on their usage- they are so appreciative. All they needed was a friendly toy like this and a little encouragement and they are such avid masturbators now and love it.
        I’d love to know how it helps your own boyfriend.

  • I am so glad to find these reviews on these items! Very insightful. I will add a link from our site to yours in our Pulse and Cobra sections. Cobra II is now also just out with more power and Pulse is also doing something new soon! Cobra II is now being marketed as a couples vibrator as well.

    • Thank you, that is very kind of you! Yes I just got the news. It will be interesting to see where this is all going – two competitors will always benefit the consumer :)

  • I disagree. I purchased the Pulse and tried it, the exact opposite happened. 1. It made my erection go away after about two minutes. 2. No sensation. 3. Does not make or keep you hard. I tried it several times over 7 days and always the same result. My erection went away after two minutes. Complete waste of money if you ask me.

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that! Surely vibrations and oscillations aren’t the perfect thing for everyone. As stimulation preferences are very individual. But this is the first time I’ve heard from someone it does nothing for. I hope you got to return it, though. Thanks for sharing.

  • californiarestinpeace

    Love the Hot O….I’m about to order my 7th unit, I guess quality control isn’t up to design (I’ve also flooded two of them by getting water in the charge port)….I use the hell out of em, my girlfriend loves this too but we live in different cities so it keeps me company, that’s for sure.

    • Oh, wow. That must be one hell of a Pulse graveyard! I’m sorry to hear they broke down on you… Maybe you should get a Pulse II next. It is water proof and might be of improved quality. I’ll be giving it a review shortly – if everything goes according to plan.

      • Just finished reading the Pulse Vs cobra Libre as well as the individual reviews for each, and I was wondering if you’d reviewed the 2gen for each. I’m planning on purchasing one soon but, I’ve not made up my mind on which one to get for my bf. Any insights into how each of these perform and whether one is better over the other?

        • Yes, I have. But the Cobra Libre 2 review is not yet translated. The Pulse 2 review is.
          Pulse is the better toy IMO. Much more intense. Cobra Libre is great in its own way, but it is too gentle for my taste. The gen 2, has only improved buttons and different vibration patterns.

          • Do you think that it makes a difference if the person using Pulse2 isn’t an avid vibrator user? My bf hasn’t ever used any vibrator on himself, so i’m not sure if the Pulse2 would be too much for him. I didn’t really think about until I read the review by Property of Potter. I noticed you’d commented on it as well and suggested the Cobra Libre. Since you’ve now tried both updated version of each how would you rate the lowest setting on the Pulse2? How is the power of the Cobra Libre (with the updated motors) compare with the Pulse? Is there is setting that it’s equivalent to on the Pulse2? What are the patterns like on the pulse2 (i read the review for it but there was no description of the patterns)?

            • The Cobra Libre 2 has a barely noticeable lowest setting, and feels more gentle and superficial even on the highest settings (The updated motor stuff is just that they added new patterns, nothing more). While the Pulse 2 is pretty much full on from the start, deep and hammering. They both offer unique sensations and work well, but the Pulse is way more effective. Patterns for the Pulse are just basic pulsations in different combinations, no waves or escalations. Unless you BF is very sensitive both should work well, regardless of prior experience.

  • Thank you so much for that, I’d been reading the few reviews out there for the 1st gen Pulse, until I read through yours today (which I think is pretty much the only one out there atm). Since you mention that the Cobra2 is “too gentle” would you say that there’s more of a learning curve to using it (since it has tons of patterns too)? Also how do both the lowest and highest settings of both items compare? Personally I enjoy a low start with rumbly & constant vibration, too intense too soon on a vibration is just painful (build up is key). I’m not sure about my bf’s preference as he’s never tried a vibrator, but i’d like him to have the ability to adjust the vibration settings from a low rumble to an intense one. I’m just wondering how the low and high settings on these compare. Also, i’m not really sure but can the cobra2 be used when the penis is flaccid? I know that with the Pulse2 one can do that because the opening for the Cobra is already molded to accommodate the head.

    • No problem! It doesn’t have much of a learning curve, but it just takes a while longer to do its thing. The vibrations of the Cobra Libre can not be compared to the oscillations of the Pulse. They feel very different, and with the Cobra I have to use max power, but with Pulse, I’m usually in the lower settings. Cobra Libre does not work well with a flaccid penis, no.

    • To MeMe, I think your bf will have no trouble adjust pretty quickly if he uses it regularly. So this is something a beginner can enjoy and still be able to amp it up as they become more proficient and frequent.
      I had bought my bf one and he was new at this kind of thing as well. The higher settings and constant on were too intense for him, at first, and so he kept vibration on low with his fingers rubbing his head while he used it.
      But after several weeks of almost daily use he got quite used to it and has been enjoying it lately at the higher settings and more often. He has really gotten a lot out of it… or a lot out with it, would be more correct to say.


  • I wish there was a warning that this isn’t suited for men who have more girth. If I had known this I don’t think I would’ve bought it because when my penis is fully erect it does not make contact with the vibrating pad unless I apply pressure, this in turn slows down the vibrations considerably.

    • I agree. Having various sizes to better fir different size erections or having the ability to adjust it would really help ensure the most intense sensation during the entire session. I often have to readjust or press depending on how stiff and wide my penis becomes over the course of each session. When it is fitting well, it is awesome.

  • Probably would have been better to go with the Fun Factory Cobra II or a manual stroker given the girth …

    • Wow. Thx for the tip… it certainly helped mine. I got the Fun Factory Cobra II and tried it out. Not as hands free as the Hot Octopuss but fits my cock snug and perfectly. It undulates and vibrates better than I have ever experienced. Really works my cock yet so easy and convenient. If you thought you were getting ample stimulation before, than try this out. Great styling too so I can keep it out and available next to my razor and other bathroom gadgets. Times have changed and everyone has at least one favorite device like this to no need to hid these things anymore.
      Great design and styling make it a great conversation piece to help break the ice and get friends comparing and sharing.

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