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Imtoy Piu

Imtoy steps into the line of so called guybrators with their latest offering, the Imtoy Piu. This vibrating silicone and plastic contraption contains three motors for optimum stimulation.

The Imtoy Piu was sponsored by Imtoy for an honest review. This does not affect my views in any way.

The Piu is the Nevada based company’s offering for men. This thing is rechargeable, waterproof and made in awesome black and red matte silicone and glossy plastic. It is hard not to mention Fun Factory’s Cobra Libre when reviewing this as the similarities are definitely here. What sets the Imtoy Piu apart is that it is slightly longer and has a deeper opening for the penis. In addition it has built in bluetooth capabilities to connect with smart devices and computers. This then syncs up with your adult videos and vibrations are controlled through the intensity of the scene being watched. It also has three motors vs Cobra Libre‘s two.

Imtoy Piu

Included in the box is everything you need to get started. We have the toy itself, a leather like drawstring storage pouch, magnetic USB charging cable as well as a starter guide. Everything is packaged in a pretty slick box. The red one in the picture above is the inner storage box made of sturdy cardboard with a magnetic flap and silicone bed for the toy. Accessories are found in the small black box beneath it. This is covered by a informative sleeve with product info and pictures. The packaging is sealed with a shrink wrap. A very nice presentation overall.

Imtoy Piu

Using the Piu is pretty straight forward, it is done by (preferably) lubing up the penis and sliding it as far into the opening as possible to ensure a tight fit around the head. I immediately notice that it is a bit deeper and roomier than I am used to with my Cobra Libre, but the feel is the same with a slight squeeze on the head to let the vibrations penetrate easily. The hole for the penis is 3.5″ (9cm) deep and 2″ (5cm) across. The device itself is 7.1″ (18cm) long with a circumference of 9.2″ (23.5cm) at the most.

The bottom of the toy feels like rubber coated plastic with a few waves across. Along with the silicone trim it offers a great grip. The glossy top of the toy is very flexible and can be slightly pressed for a tighter fit.

Imtoy Piu

Controlling the Piu is done with these three capacitive touch buttons. One for on/off and two for controlling the vibrator intensity. There are no patterns to choose from, but the two main motors are not in sync and thus offering neat slightly pulsating effect. The third motor is supposed to add a little extra and is the only one that is used on the first setting and it also kicks in on top of the other two in the last.

When I first turned it on I was bummed as the third motor was whining at me. It has this high pitch to it and provides almost no sensation at all. Kind of like an overzealous mini bullet vibrator, making more sound than movement. Luckily one step up in intensity and it goes away and the two main motors purrs into life. These two are nice and rumbly and feels very good around the head of the penis. I still feel like the vibrations are a bit diffuse and not really concentrated where I need it. That being around the frenulum for optimum stimulation. However, it does massage a bit down the shaft which is nice, I suppose.

While I love vibrators designed for mens external stimulation (go read my review of the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo), I find that it usually takes a while. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good but that’s about it. It takes a while for me to reach orgasm with the Piu and sometimes I am just getting to bored by forcing myself to orgasm. When it works it is pretty great and the orgasms are usually quite strong. But I want more! Stronger more focused vibrations to keep things interesting. It is the same issue I have had previously, so it might be that vibrations are not for me after all.

Imtoy Piu

The Imtoy Piu’s companion app is available on PC and smart devices. It pairs up with the Piu – after a few tries where the Piu would turn off and not connect, it did pair up and the vibration stops while the light in the logo is on. From there we create a user name and password and give our toy a nickname. We are given 1000 credits used to download some of the Asian porn available (well over 100 20-40 minute clips). We have no way to sort through videos and titles are in Chinese or something. Each video cost 200-500 credits but you can upload your own. The app also needs access to location services, which I feel is very unnecessary. Even the full videos are censured in typical Asian fashion. The app is missing some extra polish and quality control. Poor translations and Chinese titles lower the overall impression. One neat thing is that the app shows the battery status of the toy.

The smart function controls the intensity of the vibrations according to how intense the video is. But to be honest, it feels very random. It’s almost always on max with the occasional drop and activation of the third whiny motor. It’s on max when the actors are fooling around and talking to the camera man and the same when the juices are flowing everywhere. It feels very gimmicky, and not really something I would use until it is further refined. As it stands, it just doesn’t do much and it’s not even close to provide the advertised fellatio-like sensations.

Imtoy Piu

The Piu is pretty easy to maintain. It is cleaned with soap and water as well as any toy cleaner you prefer. It charges in a few hours and the Imtoy logo stops pulsating once it is done. The actual battery life is ok and you can expect an hour or two of usage. But in standby it fails completely and a full charge is all gone in just over a week.

Imtoy Piu Overall

I wanted to like the Imtoy Piu, and I admit I had high hopes that this would be a refreshing and different experience. If it were able to pull of the companion app and the smart control better we would be on the right track. But I don’t think the price justifies the diffuse vibrations and otherwise lack of functionality if we look at the standalone product.

It is a nice design and it seems to be high quality and it is easy to use. The concept is something a bit different, and sure – it might work for some guys, but it falls into so many of the same pitfalls as the Cobra Libre and we have already been over this. Sadly I do not see this going anywhere. At least not until Piu 2 or a update to the application and vibration control. Despite of this, I’m happy to see a company taking a little risk and making something with new (and interesting?) functions.

Imtoy steps into the line of so called guybrators with their latest offering, the Imtoy Piu. This vibrating silicone and plastic contraption contains three motors for optimum stimulation. The Imtoy Piu was sponsored by Imtoy for an honest review. This does not affect my views in any way. The Piu…

Imtoy Piu

Material - 8
Vibration - 6
Features - 7
Companion App - 4
Experienced Pleasure - 6



Nice and deep vibrations, but not very focused. Great quality materials although the top is a bit flimsy. Reasonably quiet, rechargeable and waterproof. Smart Bluetooth connection is ok, but companion app needs work.

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