L’amourose Rosa

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L'amourose Rosa

There is a new master prostate massager in town – and it is called L’amourose Rosa. Do not let the soft and sensual name fool you, this is a fully fledged pleasure machine to the core.

The L’amourose Rosa was kindly sponsored by L’amourose themselves. This does not affect my views. Affiliate links are used within this review.

L’amourose is a brand that haven’t been around for too long, they focus on products full of quality and luxury. I’m happy to see that they offer some unique products to everyone.

The Rosa is a fairly simple prostate and g-spot massager. It has an elegant and minimalistic deign, one motor in the tip and one motor in the base. The neck is flexible and the underside is made in glossy ABS plastic. It comes in a wonderful and discreet packaging in all matte black with only the L’amourose logo on it – presented in gold. On the other sides we have a photo of the product and some general info. I like that the packaging is sealed with stickers, so that I’m safe it has not been tampered with.

Included in the box is the Rosa itself, a velvet storage pouch and a charging dock with the accompanying charging cable.

L'amourose Rosa

It has an average size of 3.5″ (11.5cm) – 3″ (7.5cm) in circumference, with just around 4″ (10cm) of insertable length. The size is manageable for most.

The Rosa is an absolute joy to use. Covered with the most silky matte silicone and it is fully waterproof as well. The slender shaft is perfectly tapered to allow for an easy insertion. After getting past that one ridge it slides into place by itself. The intended use is with the tip pointing towards the prostate and/or belly. I must say it is incredibly comfortable. Nothing of that poking feeling some prostate massagers insist on providing. And the base, even though it is a bit large rests comfortably against the perineum. I have absolutely nothing to complain about in this aspect. The Rosa is near perfect and virtually seam free. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to enjoy this.

L'amourose Rosa

However great the design may be, Rosa’s strongest aspect is the vibrations. It is a vibrator after all, and it is truly the first one i feel that actually manage to nail the main aspect. Like mentioned, Rosa have two motors. That’s one in each end. The one in the tip is the absolute best one. I mean it’s deep and rumbly and the lower to medium speed settings are very pleasurable. It massages my prostate in intense way, even though it does not try to stab its way through my belly. And the perineum massager is pretty nice – although I do not find it as stimulating in the way the inner one is. I usually never do with external stuff, but that might just be me. It is a bit less rumbly but still miles better than most of the competition.

It does have a few interesting patterns and functions, 7 in total and all of which are adjustable in intensity. Some alternate between the two motors and other add some randomness into the vibrations. I think this is nice as I usually feel like steady vibrations get numbed down after a while. But with slight variations in the steady settings, things get more interesting fast. I’m not one for having too much of a theme park going on inside of me, but most of the patterns Rosa offers are to my liking.

Cleaning and maintenance

Being waterproof, it is easy to just wash it with warm soapy water and toy cleaner. It can also handle 10% bleach solution. When clean and dry it can either be placed on the charging dock or in the included pouch. I love that the charger is magnetic, so the toy just snaps into place.

L'amourose Rosa

L’amourose Rosa overall

With so many average toys in the market it is an absolute joy to add L’amourose Rosa to the king of the vibrators list.

I really enjoy using it and I can not get over how comfortable it is. And those pounding vibrations never feel like too much or too little. At the time of writing this, it is my favorite prostate vibrator – and my fellow reviewers seem to agree.

Prostate massage done right sends intense feelings from the butt and into the penis, and this is exactly what the Rosa does. It feel fantastic, and coupled with other stimulation for the front parts it helps produce very intense and body shaking orgasms.

Rosa is also water proof, completely body safe and very quiet (comparable to the Fun Factory Cobra Libre). I can’t stress how amazing this toy is and the quality is incredible. Do you like internal stimulation? This is it! It comes in this pretty emerald color as well as black and cerise. You can get yours at Lovehoney (Worldwide), Hot Stuff (EU) and Lovehoney UK (UK). You may also get this in an upgraded red model called Rosa Rouge. It is basically Rosa plus a heating element in the shaft. Check it out: Lovehoney and Lovehoney UK.

There is a new master prostate massager in town - and it is called L'amourose Rosa. Do not let the soft and sensual name fool you, this is a fully fledged pleasure machine to the core. The L'amourose Rosa was kindly sponsored by L'amourose themselves. This does not affect my…

L'amourose Rosa

Design - 10
Material & quality - 10
Vibration intensity & stimulation - 9
Features - 8
Experienced pleasure - 10



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  • Looks beautiful. Loving the color too.

  • My boyfriend has always been shy about prostate massagers but I got him this when it came out. It is elegant, non-imposing and gentle. We tried it out and it provided him a wonderful ejaculation and he has been using it regularly ever since. For him, it enables him to ejaculate fully even at times he might not have thought he needed to. It has really helped him increase his ejaculating frequency which we both enjoy.
    For those men who need to ejaculate more often, or just want to, this is a perfect option to help get him there.

  • Well, first of all thank you for this review!
    It’s the reason I bought this thing.
    It just arrived yesterday in the evening – guess what I did instead of watching the saturday night Thriller…
    I did not manage to get one of these famouse P-Gasms with it.
    But I’ve never been closer, I’d say.
    I have tried it in the past with a Nexus Excel + the Magic Wand – which shurely is some very powerful combo.
    But the Rosa feels even more powerful – amazing!

    • You’re very welcome! And thank you so much for trusting my opinions. It really is such a great toy, I just think it takes a little while getting used to it. Feel free to report back in a while :)

  • Is this tempting vibe ok in size to insert, hence it is also designed for women?
    My girl and I experienced that vibes for women are sometimes too thick for men..

    • Yes, I find the size very nice for anal use. It’s not too big, and should work well for most people. It’s perfectly unisex. I’d say, go for it!

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