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Lelo Hugo

Two of the all new anal products from Lelo are called Hugo and Bruno. Both of them are hands free prostate and perineum stimulators with two powerful vibrating motors. They are exactly the same except that Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless SenseMotion remote. Well designed, powerful and easy to use are some of the highlights from both.

Lelo Hugo and Lelo Bruno are sponsored by Lelo themselves for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions. Affiliate links used.

I will be reviewing Hugo and Bruno together as they are essentially the same product except for Hugo’s included SenseMotion controller. Both products are designed in this characteristic L-shape with one firm and rigid shaft for insertion and one flexible arm for external stimulation. Each have a vibrating motor and are covered in a smooth, seamless silicone. It feels slightly rougher than Loki – but as these aren’t for thrusting, I really don’t mind. The underside has a golden chrome accent from the Insignia line to differentiate itself from the “regular” Lelo products. On top of that, they are also rechargeable and waterproof.

As I received pre-launch samples, I am not able to discuss the packaging – but it seems to be the same style as Lelo Loki. It will include the massager itself and a remote (+ 2 AAA batteries) with Hugo, a USB charging cable, a satin pouch, a sample of Lelo lubricant and a one year warranty registration card.

Lelo Hugo

Hugo and Bruno need water based lubricant to be used. Because the internal arm is completely firm and gently tapered, it inserts very easily. Once over the largest part it slips in by itself. I immediately notice that this design is spot on. Not only is it comfortable, but it also reach my prostate way better than most other stimulators I have used. It applies a firm pressure, but nothing uncomfortable. The rounded tip ensures this and feels like it is hugging the prostate rather than poking at it.

Lelo Hugo is the first wireless anal toy I have ever had the pleasure of using. At first I thought the SenseMotion controller would be gimmicky and unnecessary, but it turned out to be the complete opposite.

Lelo Hugo Remote

The remote pairs up with Hugo effortlessly and controls the vibrations either by tilting the remote or by quick flicks. The remote also vibrates as a form of feedback corresponding with the stimulator itself. It can be turned off if preferred. This thing is an absolute godsend. No more fumbling between my legs to hit that barely-there-button. I can just lay back and relax. It is awesome! It is responsive and does not drop out. It has a range of around ten meters as well. Perfect for use with a partner for some extra fun.

Hugo also has 12 different intensity levels and a few patterns to choose from. A wave pattern, fast pulse, slow pulse and a random mode. All the patterns can be adjusted in intensity, but the remote is required for that. In total this gives a huge range of customization and I really dig that the power range is gigantic. It’s something here fore everyone.

Lelo Bruno on the other hand is a bit more limited. It has one button and starts out on full throttle. It has a medium power setting, fast pulse and slow pulse and a random mode. The button requires a firm press and is located on the underside of the perineum arm. Things could definitely be easier. The same thing goes for Hugo without the remote – while it enables use if the remote is missing juice, it definitely is not the same effortless experience. If you are paying this much for a product, I’d go all out with Hugo to get the full package rather than saving a few bucks.

Lelo Hugo

These are hands free toys that once inserted can be worn around with ease. The stimulator stays nicely in place and the base is comfortable and flush to the body – even when sitting. The perineum arm flexes to accommodate any position and never feels out-of-place.

Hugo is one of the few anal vibrators I honestly think feels just right. The deep and powerful vibrations penetrate the prostate with ease to deliver some very intense sensations. It can help produce an orgasm within minutes or really drag it out on the lower settings. Either way the result is the same – explosive and long-lasting orgasms coming with waves of pleasure. I love how easy and approachable this product is and even more I love the end results.

One thing to note is that this thing is pretty full on. It is not possible to control the dual motors independently and that combined with the excellent shape, it certainly feels more than good enough. Maybe even a bit too much at times.

Lelo Hugo

As both Hugo, Bruno and the SenseMotion remote are all waterproof cleaning could not be simpler. Wash with warm soapy water and sex toy cleaner. Once dry I use the included storage bag until next time. One two-hour charge provides a playtime of two hours which seems accurate. Impressively it is a whole hour more than Lelo Loki. And that drives two motors all in this small design. It measures in at a petite 4.2 inches (11cm) in length and width, 3.5 inches (9cm) insertable with a circumference of 2.7-3.95 inches (5.5-10cm).

Lelo Hugo (& Bruno) overall

Hugo and Bruno are great little prostate stimulators and I am really impressed by the sheer power they have. The two motors are unlike anything I have experienced in a product this compact. And being able to control that power with a flick of the wireless SenseMotion remote is a truly satisfying experience that is as effortless as it is pleasurable. Not only does it have a fantastic shape that is perfect for the male anatomy, but it feels great. I love how they treat the body with both respect and skill. It hugs the prostate in a gentle but firm way and takes charge over the experience. They are both equally powerful – and yes they are incredible. What more is that the perineum stimulator actually works and provides some nice extra pleasure.

I’d go with Hugo, seeing as the remote makes all the difference. Not only is the control over the toy much better, but it is super accurate and easy to use. Well worth the extra cost. Hugo brings out the lazy in me, but in a good way.

For a price of just around $200, they really offer features to match as well as the quality and attention to detail Lelo is known for. You can get them in black, ocean blue and deep rose.

BRUNO is available at Lelo, Lovehoney (Worldwide), Lovehoney UK and Hot Stuff (EU).

HUGO is available at Lelo with 10% off in April with code HUGO10, Lovehoney (Worldwide), Lovehoney UK and Hot Stuff (EU).

Two of the all new anal products from Lelo are called Hugo and Bruno. Both of them are hands free prostate and perineum stimulators with two powerful vibrating motors. They are exactly the same except that Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless SenseMotion remote. Well designed, powerful and…

Lelo Hugo

Design - 9.5
Material & quality - 10
Vibration intensity & stimulation - 10
Features - 10
Experienced pleasure - 10



Impeccable product of high quality with insanely strong vibrations. Both are water proof and rechargeable made in seamless silicone. Amazing remote for Hugo. Slightly limiting one button interface sans remote.

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  • Thank you for your reviews! Sad, that I can’t get Hugo in Europe yet :) Should I wait for it or take the l’amourose rosa/rouge? ARe they compareable? Thanks!

    • You’re very welcome! They are comparable, but they offer slightly different experiences. While equally powerful, Hugo is slightly ahead and at the same time providing miles better external stimulation. It has a tighter fit and that remote is incredible. Rosa is slightly more filling and has a gentler fit because of the flexible neck. You also get the heating element with Rosa Rouge which is probably great. Hugo is available in Europe as we speak from Hot Stuff and Lovehoney UK!

  • Hello! For a first timer is Hugo appropiate? Would I have problems inserting it in my ass? Thanks!

    • Hi! The size is great for beginners and it is very easy to insert. Just remember to use plenty of lubricant! You may want to warm up with a finger or two first, if you’re comfortable with that :)

  • How don you turn off the remote vibration?

    • You can turn off the remote vibration by holding in the center button on the remote for a few seconds. The light should blink and the vibrations in the remote will stop. Do the same thing to reactivate. It does not work for the Sense Motion modes though.

  • I have the Hugo on my wishlist on Amazon I’m glad to hear it got a great review from you. They are just so pricey though but it seems like Lelo gets really good reviews everywhere so I might have to invest soon!

  • Hi there, I was interested in hearing about the noise. Specifically, a reviewer wrote about wearing this out in public – with potential use with a partner or for self. I am curious to know how loud the device is when in use.

    • Hey! It is fairly quiet on the lower settings, but the noise ramps up with the power so it’s not completely discrete. I’ll double check the numbers with my super high-tech decibel app, to give you an idea of what to expect.

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