Lelo Loki Wave

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Lelo Loki Wave

With Lelo’s renewed focus on all things male pleasure and the launch of Loki, Hugo and Bruno it was only a matter of time until we got a wavy version similar to Mona  and Ina Wave. Loki Wave is just that. It’s a fusion between the already released products and it moves, you guys! With a come hither motion that looks pretty slick.

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Just months after the release of Loki, it is back with the new WaveMotion technology embedded. The style is now paired with the shape of Hugo/Bruno providing that gorgeous perineum arm. Ant this time around it is fully covered in silicone and has a new five button interface. The dedicated on/off switch is a really neat addition to the already solid controls.

Lelo Loki Wave

While products may look cool on paper, I tend to be left underwhelmed by the more revolutionary aspects. Loki was such a great product, so naturally I had quite the expectations for its even more expensive counterpart. And I am glad to tell you that it offers identical (close to) vibration power as the original with the added second motor in the perineum arm. And yes it’s possible to use it with only the vibrations. Another nifty thing when using it this way is to use the WaveMotion and stop the shaft in the perfect angle.

The menu consists of a steady vibration in the perineum arm, a steady vibration in both arms and a wavy patterns rolling from one arm to the other. Pretty sweet. This combined with a fast(-ish) come hither motion and one setting with just the WaveMotion alone. As if that was not enough it also has a slower WaveMotion paired with the same three vibration patterns for added variation. None of the WaveMotions are particularly fast. The different speeds are marginally different with about one wave each second.

Lelo Loki Wave

Inserting Loki Wave is as easy as inserting Loki, and the silicone is silky smooth and velvety to touch. A little lube goes a long way and it gently glides into place. The perineum arm rests comfortably but firmly between my legs. It wants to twist slightly to one side (especially when waving) because of the rounded shape.

The vibrations from Loki Wave are both very powerful and deep. Much like the original Loki. It is hard to even differentiate the two. It feels amazing as a normal vibrator and even better because of the external vibration it provides. The rigid shaft combined with the focused vibrations in the tip makes it incredibly suitable for prostate massage by applying a bit of pressure. And the range of power enables anyone to enjoy it.

Turning the WaveMotion on – not only amplifies the sensation, but also applies pressure to the perineum. I feel that most of the force is focused here while the movement on the prostate feels slightly more subtle. It’s an interesting feeling but not really game changing. Still, this is far better than the massage experienced by the likes of Nexus Revo 2. And easier to handle but not quite as aggressive as Fun Factory Stronic Zwei.

The intensity can be controlled in 10 steps on each function, but I really miss the option to crank up that wave. Right now it is a great start, but I feel like missing the last pinch of progression to conjure one of those prostate orgasms. But that’s where the increased vibrations act as a substitute. I wish the buttons were slightly more pronounced and possibly back-lit though. Changing settings mid play isn’t particularly easy when blindly fumbling between my legs trying to hit the right button.

Lelo Loki Wave

Loki Wave is rechargeable via the included USB cable and fully waterproof even with the exposed charging port. This enables easy maintenance. Clean with soap and water and finish off with some toy cleaner. The battery is fully charged after 2 hours and lasts for up to 2 hours of playtime.

Lelo Loki Wave overall

Even though it may not be a total game changer, the Lelo Loki Wave feels incredible. The vibrations are intense and deeply penetrating and coupled with the unique sensations the WaveMotion provides – my prostate can dance with joy. The steady movement and pressure from the outside coupled with the interesting vibration patterns feel amazing and more alive than a stand alone vibrator. While it lacks a little extra to tip me over the edge, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re like me and won’t wait around too long for that orgasm – add some penile stimulation and the result is an explosive and body shaking orgasm anyway. It truly is a versatile product that lives up to its price tag, but the hard question is whether to go with this or one of the other fantastic Lelo products.

Lelo Loki Wave is available in a black and blue color. Both are available at Lelo (Worldwide), Lovehoney (US/Worldwide) and Hot Stuff (EU/Worldwide).

With Lelo's renewed focus on all things male pleasure and the launch of Loki, Hugo and Bruno it was only a matter of time until we got a wavy version similar to Mona  and Ina Wave. Loki Wave is just that. It's a fusion between the already released products and…

Lelo Loki Wave

Design - 9
Material & quality - 10
Vibration intensity & stimulation - 9
Features - 10
Experienced pleasure - 8.5



A great vibrator with the pleasant addition of WaveMotion-tech. Easy to use, comfortable and very powerful. Rechargeable, waterproof and all covered in seamless silicone. I wish the perineum arm was less rounded so it would not twist to the side as much.

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  • If you could only choose one vibrating prostate massager which would it be and why?

    • Hi, and sorry for the delay! I’d go with Lelo Hugo – I love that it is hands free and has that simple wireless remote. It makes it so effortless to use and it feels very nice too. If the remote isn’t needed, then L’amourose Rosa would be an equally great choice. Loki and Loki Wave are by no means less stimulating, but they are designed for hands on action with the ability to control the pressure on the prostate which is something a little different.

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