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Lelo Loki

This is one of Lelo’s latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less.

Lelo Loki is sponsored by LELO themselves for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions. Affiliate links used.

When I reviewed Billy a little while ago I enjoyed it, but I still pelt it was too gentle and a bit small for me. Before I knew it, Lelo had arranged for me to look at the new and beefed up prostate massager Loki.

This thing is a completely firm massager with a nicely curved shaft covered in silky silicone. It is seamless and very soft to touch. The handle is hard ABS plastic and the control pad has buttons in draggy silicone. A simple silicone flap protects the charging port against dust. It all comes presented in a new type of Lelo box. This one is sturdy cardboard with a snake-skin pattern and a window that displays the product well.

Lelo Loki Box

Included in the box is Loki, a USB charging cable, a satin storage pouch, a one year warranty registration card and a sachet of Lelo lubricant. As always Lelo impress me with the product presentation. Everything is so elegant and the storage pouch is a nice treat.

The size is just right – measuring in at 7.9″ (20cm) in length, 4.3″ (11cm) insertable, 4.5-2.9″ (11.5-7.5cm) in circumference. It weighs in at 144g which makes it pretty light and easy to handle.

Loki has a very wonderful shaft. It is both gently tapered and generously full. It tapers down towards the flared base to allow the anal muscles to relax properly during use. This makes insertion super easy and comfortable. As always with anal products, it is necessary with some good quality lubricant. Once lubricated it feels almost free of friction and glides smoothly over the skin. The bulbous shape makes it slide in by itself and stay there effortlessly. Loki is used pointing towards the prostate and belly, and I need to hold it slightly in place so it won’t twist to the side.

Lelo Loki

Inserted it feels slightly filling. The amount of pressure is just perfect and should feel good for almost everyone. The broad shaft rests effortlessly against the prostate and I get none of that pointy and stabbing sensation that I sometimes associate with dedicated prostate stimulators. The flared base rests comfortably against the body and make sure it stays anchored on the outside.

Loki is a vibrator after all, and let me just say; wow. This thing is definitely top-notch. With vibrations  that are both deep and rumbly – right up there with the amazing L’amourose Rosa. This means that the vibrations are clearly felt and they penetrate the prostate very well. By clenching the anal muscles it feels more intense too, this is the way to use it hands free. Clench and relax over and over again in a suitable rhythm. Either way feels incredible.

Lelo Loki has a few different settings to improve on the experience. It has 11 different speeds ranging from a barely there-tingle to that intense pounding vibration I love. It also has a slow and fast pulse, escalation and wave pattern plus Lelo’s signature random pattern which is actually not random at all. It is very simple to use as two buttons control patterns and the plus and minus buttons control intensity. Like other Lelo products each pattern are adjustable when it comes to intensity. I like the fast pulse and the escalation – it feels a bit more alive that way and the prostate won’t become numb to the vibrations as fast.

Lelo Loki

Some people might be able to reach orgasm by only stimulating the prostate with Loki. I am not one of those, but there are so little needed in terms of extra stimulation to reach a deliciously intense orgasm. As always, prostate toys are great coupled with hands or masturbators for some penile love as well. The orgasm feels stronger and more explosive than before. I can definitely get used to this!

To add more to an already solid product, Loki is great as an external stimulator as well. With vibrations as powerful as these it actually feels pretty good. The broad sides of the vibrator can be held against the frenulum – and just like the Lelo Smart Wand, it will eventually produce a satisfying orgasm without much effort at all. I won’t complain about this added benefit.

Lelo Loki vs Lelo Billy

To clean up after use we just pop it in the sink and wash it with warm soapy water and finish off with a spritz of suitable toy cleaner. I just dry it with a towel and place it in its bag to keep the dust away. Loki is fully waterproof so no need to worry. A full charge with the included USB cable takes just around two hours for one hour of use. It seems pretty accurate.

Lelo Loki Overall

It is so exciting to have Lelo leap forward, leading the way for another generation of male pleasure objects. Quality, ease of use and power are important keywords present in this latest offering. Lelo Loki may well be one of the best prostate massagers available now. Its sleek design and body safe materials are coupled with some very powerful vibrations. It all comes together as an excellent product, that clearly incorporates the quality and attention to detail that Lelo is known for.

This is an exceptional product that makes clear why so many reviewers praise Mona 2. The range of power is awesome and the features are great. It took some time but finally, Lelo’s male offerings are up to speed with the updated female models in the family. I do not think you can go wrong with a product as well designed as this. Also it does not hurt that it looks pretty good too. Loki is available in obsidian black and federal blue. RRP is $169 and it is available from Lelo , Lovehoney (Worldwide) and Hot Stuff (EU).

This is one of Lelo's latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less. Lelo Loki is sponsored by…

Lelo Loki

Design - 9
Material & quality - 10
Vibration intensity & stimulation - 9
Features - 10
Experienced pleasure - 10



Excellent design powerful vibrations in a product that is both rechargeable and waterproof. Perfectly anal safe and very much stimulating both internally and externally. Only negative is that it can twist slightly when inserted and it is a bit pricey.

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