Lelo Tiani 24K

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Lelo Tiani 24k

Once in a while I get the chance to review a special product, if it’s unique – I’d accept to aid my readers in their purchases. One of those are Lelo Tiani 24K. Not really a product I can do more than an overview for, because I am missing the vital parts like a clitoris and a vagina with the accompanying g-spot.

Lelo Tiani 24k was sponsored by Lelo themselves for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions. Affiliate links used. Purchases through these links grant me a small percentage at no extra cost for you. It is greatly appreciated.

Lelo has really made som great male products over the last year. Loki and Hugo to name a few. Tiani 24K on the other hand, is one that is more focused on couples. It even comes with a couples guarantee, so that you get to swap it in for another Lelo product if the relationship breaks within 12 months after purchase. That’s pretty cheeky although both useful and unique.

Lelo Tiani 24k

Lelo Tiani 24k comes in a gorgeous gift box with golden backing. It comes with a wireless SenseMotion remote for all sorts of fun, and to top it all of, the Tiani itself has a gold-plated ring to add a bit of luxurious bling to the fucking. This in addition to a satin pouch, a polishing cloth, USB charging cable, Insignia key, batteries for the remote, a sachet of lube, documentation and warranty card.

Lelo Tiani 24k

As I have come to expect from Lelo – Tiani is velvety soft to touch yet rigid except for the internal arm which is fairly flexible in the joint. Yes, Tiani is used in intercourse, with the bulbous end on the clitoris and the slim end inserted together with a penis or a dildo. It offers dual stimulation as well as something for the active party. It adds an extra full/tight feeling for both and some extra pleasure.

The vibrations are similar to those of Lelo Pino, which means they are not very strong but still not buzzy and cheap feeling. Still if intense internal vibrations is a must, then the Tiani will fail you. It actually has two motors in it, one in each end. The larger one is noticeably more powerful and less buzzy, but the internal is only used for added power or for some of the vibration patterns. It’s decent at what it does. Even though the Tiani 24k is designed for heterosexual couples, it would work for lesbians and gay guys too. Of course I had to try it up my butt to see how it works. And yes, it fits and although the external arm does not do much as a perineum stimulator, the internal arm feels great. The vibrations coupled with the firm pressure is the key and while the fit in not optimal it stays put.

The remote is wireless and super simple to use. Plus and minus buttons to adjust the intensity, and the middle button to change the mode. It has 6 different patterns and escalations including one steady setting. It also has two SenseMotion settings built-in which means that turning or flicking the remote changes the intensity. It works very well, and it never takes away from the experience as far as I can tell. I especially love this feature with Hugo.

Lelo Tiani 24k

Tiani 24k is rechargeable and it holds its charge exceptionally well. Like a month! The remote is not quite the same class and requires two AAA batteries to function. You can use the Tiani 24k without the remote, but only at max power. It’s a bit quirky to charge as well, because the charger port is on the inside of the bend, and the port is only deep enough for half the plug to insert. It works and that is the important part. These are also waterproof to aid with cleaning and to enable underwater play.

Lelo Tiani 24k

The plastic Insignia key is used to open the battery lid on the remote. The lid too is golden, but as far as I can tell it’s only plastic. The seamless silicone blends nicely with the golden accents – it practically radiates with quality and luxury. However this does not come cheap. I am unable to compare Tiani 24k with the regular Tiani models, to comment on any improvements. But in its own this is the ultimate couples toy. Perhaps it won’t blow you away but it will certainly make intercourse a lot more interesting and diverse. A really nice and sophisticated gift for any couple.

It’s available at Lelo (Worldwide). The price is $399 and I can’t really comment on whether it’s worth it. I’ll leave that up to you.


Once in a while I get the chance to review a special product, if it's unique - I'd accept to aid my readers in their purchases. One of those are Lelo Tiani 24K. Not really a product I can do more than an overview for, because I am missing the vital…

Lelo Tiani 24k

Design - 8
Material & quality - 10
Vibration intensity & stimulation - 6
Features - 8
Experienced pleasure - 7.5



An elegant couples massager worn during intercourse. The dual vibrators are surprisingly strong for its size, but do not expect a mind-blowing sensation.

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