Mojo Stimulator

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Mojo Stimulator

A rotating masturbator? Yes! Exciting! No. Read on to find out why it, sadly, does not work.

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Mojo is a fresh line of adult toys, with nice designs and good price tags 1. The toy looks promising. Almost like a high-tech Fleshlight. However instead of being soft and squishy for you to fuck. It is a firm nubbed silicone cup you place your dick into. The “120 rotating beads” you can see in the pictures rotate under the textured silicone cup, and does … something.

4 AA batteries provides juice and it’s controlled by the on button, a rotation button and increase/decrease buttons. It has 7 functions and 7 speeds.

Size wise it is large: 10.9″ in length, 11.2″ in circumference at the bottom. The insertion hole is almost 1.9″ in diameter.


The Mojo Stimulator is difficult for me to understand. It is a masturbator with an open cup you stick your dick into. The positive side is that no moving parts are exposed, so you cannot hurt yourself. The beads on the inside would sort of massage the silicone cup which in turn are supposed to massage your penis. This is because the silicone nubs will push inwards ever so slightly as one of the beads rotates over it. It sounds all good, but it does not feel like anything is happening.

So there I am with my penis inside a device that does nothing other than making an annoying hand mixer noise. If I want to apply some more pressure by tilting it slightly, something I would need to do to feel something with this, it slows down to a halt. That is a major problem. My scientific experiments show that this happens as well if you are too big, and/or curved beyond the diameter of the insertion hole. And if you are smaller than that, you probably won’t feel much.

In this video you can see how it looks on the inside. You can see the beads rotating under the silicone, but it doesn’t do that much.

Using it in a stroking kind of motion does nothing either, just a slight tease. Using it this way lube is a must, stay with a water based type. The silicone is very firm, so it feels like rubbing you dick against, well plastic beads. I do not find that particularly pleasurable. I could not reach orgasm with this if my life depended on it. Very frustrating. So I brought in some testing-reinforcement. Sadly it gets a no way from both of us. If you are very sensitive it might do some good, but not for us.

Mojo Stimulator

The speed controls does not work. I can only notice two(!) different speeds, the box tells me that it has 7. I don’t think so, unless mine is faulty. The seven functions are even worse than the continuous rotation, as it is slow to change directions. Ultimately it feels like a gimmick. It could probably work with some tweaks – but not like this.


The toy is waterproof, so you can simply wash it with soap and water.


So it is a good-looking toy, and the handle tilts for easy handling while laying back. The materials used are great. I am pleasantly surprised to see a masturbator that uses silicone. But it is not enough when it fails me in every other aspect.

It does rotate, but the part of the toy that comes into contact with your penis stays still. I mean, come on.. You do not really get any movement on your penis. It almost just slightly vibrates, but I would not really call it vibrations either. If that is what you are looking for check out either the Cobra Libre or Pulse.

I have wrecked my brain trying to find a nice way to say this. But here goes: It leaves me disappointed as it really does not do anything. At least for me – honestly I can’t see who it would work for. If you have any experience with this toy, please do share in the comments.

It gets a sad face from me. I would not recommend this. It is money well spent on something else. It has recently been discontinued by Simply Pleasure.
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  1. It is near impossible to find information about the Mojo adult products. And the Rotator looks suspiciously similar to the California Exotics Rotator Masturbator. My guess it it’s just a re-branded product.


  • This thing is just a ripoff of the rev1000. And the rev1000 is no match for a schwansebrecher (sb motion) – best rotator ever have u guys tried one of those? I think they are only in germany.

    • Yeah, I don’t like to be blunt – but it is no good at all. Interesting! No, I have never heard of it. But I would love to check it out. Do you have a link I can look at?

      If Fun Factory is anything to go by, then German toys are definitely some of the best.

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