NS Novelties Renagade Pleasure Rocker

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NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Rocker

A vibrating prostate stimulator from NS Novelties came my way, it vibrates, penetrates and is masculine looking – but is that enough?


The Pleasure Rocker is from NS Novelties Renegade line for men. It is a vibrating prostate stimulator with a sheaf to stimulate your perineum and balls. It is part TPR and part ABS plastic. Majority of the toy is TPR, and it is very bendy but not really squishy. The ABS is regular hard plastic used only on the bottom cap of the rocker and in the remote.

The wired remote comes with 4 speed settings, 30″ (76cm) cord and no batteries. You will have to get two AA batteries yourself.

The size is: 6.5″ (16cm) in length, with 4″ (10cm) insertable. The external sheaf extends by 3.5″ (9cm). The circumference is 3.1″ (8cm) around the smallest insertable part, and 4.7″ (12cm) around the largest insertable part. It’s suitable for most people, but leaning towards the less experienced user.


Simple yet stylish cardboard box with a small window so you can see the toy. Kudos to NS for creating a simple piece of packaging. The toy is held in place by a plastic box, and it is somewhat suitable for storage although it is pretty big. The only thing you get is the toy itself and the included remote.

NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Rocker Box


The toy has a nice design to it – masculine looking with smooth contours. It looks promising, but I am sorry to say. That’s it. It feels cheap-ish. But it is not too expensive so I would not hold it against it.

As mentioned the material is TPS which is porous, not as much as jelly or real skin types though. That means it can absorb bacteria and smells easily, and personally I do not think those are key factors for a toy designed for anal use… And seeing as there is no way to sterilize this thing completely, you should definitely use a condom if you plan to share it with a partner. The material does have a matte finish, but it feels similar to a balloon or other rubber products, which mens it has a lot of drag.

When using the toy you should use a lot of lubricant for comfortable insertion. You can use any kind you want. The shape of the toy means it slides in with little effort, and it stays in place because of the slim neck. The tip should align with the prostate while the so-called sheaf cups your balls, but I find the shape to be a bit off and it is almost uncomfortable to make it hug my balls. At most it tickles the backside of the balls as it rests on the perineum. It feels very superficial, and I generally prefer vibrations to go deeper.

To get the most out of the toy you will have to do some rocking movements to apply pressure to the prostate while the vibrations do its own thing.

It’s nice and comfortable once inserted, but the rocking movement does not seem to do anything for applying pressure with this one. It bends to easily to apply any real pressure, and it twists easily around easily while rocking.

NS Novelties Renegade Pleasure Rocker Remote

Then we have the vibrations that are touted as powerful internal and external ones (according to the box). Just to make things clear, it is almost not possible to feel the vibrations inside the body, and they do make a point of this in their info video so I am getting mixed messages here. The bullet is located in the stem of the sheaf and that is the only place you’ll feel it. That is ok I guess, they argument that it is most pleasurable for men to feel the vibrations around the anal opening. I wonder who they asked.

Vibrations are super buzzy and high-pitched. It does not work for me. If you barely make contact it tickles. But when sitting on it it’s hard to even notice that it vibrates, more like it is constantly humming. It is also loud enough that you’ll hear it through closed doors on the highest setting, so this isn’t something you would use in secrecy. It sound incredibly whiny, and it does not feel any better. It might be just as well to turn it off. It just doesn’t work well for providing pleasure for me.

Cleaning and care

You can clean this with soap and water as it is waterproof (according to the box, but again – mixed messages as the info video says you can not submerge it). And you would do well to use a toy cleaner at least once in a while because of the material. Let it dry and store it away from your other toys.


I am a bit disappointed by the Pleasure Rocker as I have heard good things about other NS Novelties toys. It’s not all bad, the design is good, it looks masculine and not at all intimidating. It is waterproof and comes in a nice packaging.

But the less than ideal materials combined with the lousy vibrations makes this a toy to best steer clear of. I feel it tries to do too much and ends up with something that feels halfheartedly and unfulfilling. I would use the money on something else.

Should you choose to get it, you can buy it from Simply Pleasure for the net amount of 30GBP – the RRP is around 50GBP/90USD/65EUR.

Simply Pleasure

This product was provided by the awesome people at Simply Pleasure for an honest review. Many thanks to them.

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