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Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet is one of the two main contenders in the high-end penis pump market. It might be a lesser known brand, but it sure packs a punch with a nice design and nifty features making penis pumping easier for everyone.

The Penomet Extra package was sponsored by Penomet themselves for an honest review. Affiliate links used, purchasing through these links to support my site. It's greatly appreciated.

A name new to many, Penomet has actually been around for many years. Since 1999, I believe. Their penis pumps are stunning examples of high quality manufacturing. The pump cylinder is transparent ABS plastic and is available in clear, blue, purple, green, pink and orange. It has a measuring bar engraved on the side so that it’s easy to keep up with the progress. Inches on one side and centimeters on the other. The pump is one size fits most with a length of almost 12 inches (30cm) and 8.5 inches (22cm) in circumference around the largest part.

The gaiters themselves ar the true genius of Penomet. Not only are they made with pure silicone which is body safe and hypoallergenic, but they are interchangeable. No need to buy a new pump if you want more power. The gaiters simply pop on and off the cylinder. Each with a different color corresponding with the strength.

Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet comes in this very nice looking box. Simple and right to the point. No sleazy images or wording. In fact, it does not mention anything about sex or size gains at all. It has this whole medical theme going for it, and sure – pumping has its positive effects to prevent erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc. So it does have some science behind it. I quite like it.

Penomet Extra – the package I have here – comes with the pump and three gaiters. The black one is the standard, and the blue and gray are extras for a slightly gentler and stronger one. Those are force 65 (blue), 70 (black) & 75 (gray) gaiters.

Penomet Penis Pump

The pump works by filling it with water – while preferably in the bath or shower. We then place the penis inside taking care not to spill too much. The balls are left hanging on the underside of the pump. Pressing the pump in towards the body will have water pouring out the valve at the top. And as the gaiter expands, it creates a vacuum. This is what makes the penis expand. It’s important to continue pumping, as the expanding mass of the penis weakens the vacuum.

Penomet Gaiters

When I started using the Bathmate Hydromax I often experienced bruising in the form of broken blood vessels under the skin. This happens when pumping too quickly and with too much force. The blue gaiter helps eliminate this issue for me. It’s strong enough to provide a nice suction but when at max, the pressure is just perfect and comfortable. This makes it ideal as a warm up or for beginners. I might even prefer this, as nothing is more disturbing than bleeding under the skin – on the penis.

The black and gray gaiters offer notably more force and creates a much stronger vacuüm. This means that with the extra gaiters, we have a great set and something to work our way up to when we need more force. It’s natural to go with a stronger gaiter after some time, because the gains will get bigger the more it’s used. With these stronger gaiter there is a more noticeable stretching sensation, which is not really comfortable but part of the expansion – honestly that’s the desired effect.

There are different schemes or workouts that use different gaiters over the course of days to create the ultimate gains. Absolutely something for the dedicated amongst us

Penomet Penis Pump

The pressure valve on the Penomet is super simple and easy to use. Once done with the pumping exercise, simply flick the little peg to the side. This allows air to re-enter the pump and release the vacuüm. I don’t have much issues with the Penmen at all. The pressure seems to stay very well and it rarely detaches on its own.

Penomet Overall

I think the Penomet is an incredible penis pump. It’s just as good as the Bathmate series, but a little more versatile. There is no need to buy different pumps for a variation in force, simply change the gaiter. Penomet is one size fits most and isn’t as accommodating as the monster that is Bathmate Goliath. It’s great for sizes smaller than 8.6 inches (22cm) as that is the usable length when compressed all the way. It does work very well and provide a notably more meaty member. The gains are usually substantial, easily adding half an inch in both length and width. After just one or two ten-fifteen minute sessions.

The gains are most notable in width to begin with, but I imagine if it’s used frequently, the gains will get bigger and longer lasting for both. The only downside is that it’s a bit finicky about pubic hair, and it won’t work well with an unruly bush. It causes the gradual loss of suction.

Penomet is really a great device. Nice and simple – it looks awesome too. If that isn’t enough they do offer a lifetime gaiter replacement service, three-year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. Completely discreet shipping is also a given. Go check it out over at Penomet, and please do yourself a favor and grab a set of gaiters too. It’s worth it, starting at just €97/$127.

Penomet Upgrades and add ons

Did you already purchase the standard pump? You may upgrade with additional gaiters here: Standard to Premium upgrade (Gaiters 60, 65, 75 & 80). Extra to Premium upgrade (Gaiters 60 & 80). For an even greater force, go with the Monster Gaiter X85. Penomet Comfort Strap for hands free shower use is also an option.

Penomet is one of the two main contenders in the high-end penis pump market. It might be a lesser known brand, but it sure packs a punch with a nice design and nifty features making penis pumping easier for everyone. The Penomet Extra package was sponsored by Penomet themselves for an…

Penomet Extra

Quality - 9.5
Ease of use - 8.5
How well does it work? - 10



A simple and stylish penis pump with interchangeable gaiters that enables the pump to change according to ones needs. Silicone gaiters are a great addition and the different colors makes it easy to keep track of the different ones. Great gains and effortless usage. Really a great pump. The only downside is that it demands neatly trimmed pubic areas to work properly.

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