Soloflesh V2

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Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

Soloflesh is a lifesize water filled masturbator made in pure silicone. You know, for that natural bouncy feeling. It offers a floating vagina and a lifelike inner texture.

Soloflesh v2 was sponsored by Soloflesh. This does not affect my views in any way.

Basically this is a huge water bottle made in silicone. It has a natural-ish skin texture and detailing. You guys know me, I’d prefer a nice perky man butt – but that wasn’t available at this very moment. Maybe in time though.

I think it’s pretty nice that it is made in silicone. There aren’t many male masturbators in silicone at the moment (Bad Dragon comes to mind), all the more praise to Soloflesh. Other than that, the toy itself is incredibly soft and squishy, and no larger than a standard Fleshlight when empty.

Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

The Soloflesh is best enjoyed with warm water – and filling it… Well, it’s an art. You see that tiny hole in the middle there? That is the canal which is penetrated. It allows some air flow and easy cleaning. That opening around that inner canal is where the water is going. It is all done by pushing it onto the tap and with a firm grip holding it in place while it fills. At the same time it must be supported from the underside as it gets bigger. This is where things get a messy fast. As the pressure builds and it gets heavier to hold, it is far too easy to lose the grip and have it spraying water everywhere. It is quite the water fountain. But if you manage to keep everything tight, it is best to quickly secure it with the included velcro strap. I prefer to have it ready in place during the filling process, so that I can just tighten it when done.

Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

The included black end cap, can be fitted as an extra seal over the end. Additionally it serves aesthetic purposes. Surprisingly it does not leak at all.

Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

What’s special about the Soloflesh is that the vaginal canal literally floats inside this thing, using the pressure from the water to create a unique and lifelike feel. Also, it is supposed to be a life cast texture on the inside. I wouldn’t know, as I haven’t spent much time studying the insides of a womans vagina. Still it feels subtle, and slightly bumpy, nothing too fancy so it is probably alright. However the opening is pretty large, it doesn’t feel tight at all. But because of the pressure it envelops a penis in a nice and comfortable way.

Lubed up, it feels a bit plain. The main experience is not the stimulation itself, rather the substantial weight and feel of the toy. It is not recommended to place body weight on it, as it can pop. But it can be used doggy style, cowgirl or any similar position.

It feels sturdy enough as long as it’s not overfilled, but the constant fear of fucking it into something sharp and have it squirting its guts all over are ever-present. So far so good and I do believe that it wont happen anytime soon, just as I remember to be careful.

It is pretty easy to maintain the Soloflesh as the vagina has an opening all the way through. It’s just to rinse through and let dry. Store in a flaccid state in a safe place, as this does attract everything that is possible to attract.

Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device


The Soloflesh is a unique masturbator, that feels pretty good. And it is very unique compared to other products on the market. However it can not be compared to traditional masturbators in terms of stimulation, like the heavily textured Tengas or Fleshlights. It is a bit tedious to fill without spraying everything with water, but practice makes perfect. Also the fear of popping it do put a slight damper on the enjoyment. But it is glorious silicone, and that deserves credit by itself. It is advertised that the Soloflesh can be used about 90 times, as the material gets stressed by the expansion during each use. When left alone for a while it does get very oily on the surface (something silicone normally does not do and it has me a bit worried), it gets really nasty and it stains.

It’s also a bit rough around the edges with some noticeable seams gathering in the butthole. I think with a little refinement, it would become fantastic – and Soloflesh? We want some manly butts as well!

Soloflesh Personal Satisfaction Device

This toy is perfect if you want something different, with a lifelike feel and gentle stimulation without the size of a Fuck Me Silly mega masturbator. But keep in mind that it’s not the best toy for a quickie.

You can get it from Soloflesh directly and it will set you back $79.95. It is available in the original light skin color as well as this nice ebony color I have.

Edit: Soloflesh is now discontinued and no longer possible to obtain.

Soloflesh is a lifesize water filled masturbator made in pure silicone. You know, for that natural bouncy feeling. It offers a floating vagina and a lifelike inner texture. Soloflesh v2 was sponsored by Soloflesh. This does not affect my views in any way. Basically this is a huge water bottle…

Soloflesh V2

Design - 7
Material & quality - 6
Stimulation - 7.5
Ease of use - 4
Experienced pleasure - 6.5



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  • Thanks for the great info.

  • Cool looking toy.I’d actually never seen a design like this before. Anyway, great blog and keep up the good work.

    • Yeah as far as I know, we have nothing else like it on the market. There is room for improvement, but it’s promising non the less. Thank you so much for the kind words! :)

  • I have this item on my wish list to potentially buy for my fiance. However, I haven’t yet for several reasons. First, we don’t have much storage space. Second, he already has a Fleshlight but doesn’t use it all that often. Also, I worry about a mess, too. He’s a heavier guy, and I’d worry about it bursting. It’ll stay on my wish list for now because I still find it intriguing.

    • It feels a bit fragile, so that’s my fear as well! This model has been since been discontinued, so we could potentially get an updated version. Hopefully that fixes all the issues!

  • I have one and it was rated to last through 99 “sessions” I didn’t count but it tore after no more than 50. I really enjoyed the feel of this latex toy. I hope they get a new version soon.

    • I agree! It was not as sturdy as the manufacturer let on. It was also advertised as a silicone toy, but that does not seem to be the case.

  • Did Soloflesh went out of business? That link sent me to some fire equipment called Banner.

  • i love the design of this product. is the company release new version

  • Why this toy is not available on market anymore? Would like to get one upgraded version

  • The best sex toy ever. The Inventor is really clever someone

  • New version must be with ass hole besides vagina. Manufacturer can do it easy

  • hi i visit your site realy great and cool

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