Tantus A Bomb

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Tantus A Bomb

This is one bad ass butt plug; the Tantus A Bomb! It is differet from conventional buttplugs with its gentle taper and smooth lines.


The Tantus A Bomb is a quality butt plug made in pure silicone. This means it is body safe, non porous and odour free. It is quite the beast, suitable for advanced users. I can not stress this enough.

The A Bomb is cast in a very firm silicone. It has some give to it, but not enough to be forgiving about the size. The surface is matte and velvety, simmilar to the style for the Tantus Maverick. It is very nice to touch and does not at all feel sticky or tacky. A Bomb is available in red and black silicone. The quality is great as expected from Tantus. Not a mold line in sight! It is also quite heavy, which I like for a toy like this.

The measurements are as follows: 5.6″ in length, 5″ of which is insertable. The circumference is 8.2″ & 5.4 around the widest part and the neck.

Tantus A Bomb


The A Bomb is very firm, and with a size this big it is essential to warm up. Even though it seems gradual, it starts out pretty big and rapidly increases in circumference. Make sure to use a lot of lubricant as well.

As mentioned, the surface is matte, and silky smooth. This helps keep the lube in place. The silicone also heats to body temperature quickly. I still find it more comfortable to warm it a bit in water before use.

I find that the best way to use this butt plug is to squat over it. This way you can lower yourself onto the toy as far as it is comfortable for you. Even if you don’t end up using the whole length it still provides pleasantly intense stretching feelings. You will definitely feel this in your butt.

Tantus A Bomb

The first couple of times I was in a rush and tried to force it in – NOT the way to go. But once I took my time and warmed up properly it was easier to insert. It still stretches the sphincter a lot at the widest part, but once you manage to get past that part, it will slide in place by itself and you get to relax a little. The neck is not as slim as with other butt plugs out there, but it is still 3″ less than the max circumference. The neck is also oval shaped, something I find more comfortable than completely round – at least at this size.

The flared base is sturdy and makes the toy worry free for anal use. It is small enough to not be in the way, once the plug is inserted but firm enough that it wont get inside you. The plug itself stays put really well and you can walk freely with it inserted. It does not feel like it is going to fall out, simply because of the sheer size of it. It doesnt feel that heavy once inserted either.

Because of the gradual smooth design of the plug, it is super easy to remove. Just push and pull slightly. I think I like this better than the traditional plugs which are sometimes way trickier to remove.


For me, size is great once in a while. But it is too much to use regularly. It also takes more work than I prefer. However it is a quality butt plug that provides really intense sensations, both filling and stretching. If they made this design available slightly smaller it would be an awesome plug I would use often. But this size tends to leave me a bit sore when used too often. It’s still a real treat to have in the toybox.

You can buy yours at Tantusinc.com for 65.99USD, that is a true bargain! And for the last few days of November, you get 30% discount with code “THEDIRTY30” enjoy.


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Thank you very much to Tantus for providing this product for an honest review.

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