Tantus Adam

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Tantus Adam

Adam is another member of the Tantus O2 line of silicone dildos. Made with two different silicone densities to feel more realistic with added depth.


Adam is a medium size dildo made of pure medical grade silicone. It has a firm core and a softer layer on top to make it feel less plastic. The surface of the toy is matte and velvety all over except on the head, which is glossy and smooth. It has subtle veining along the shaft but other than that it is pretty simple in its design. I can instantly tell that this has the Tantus quality I have come to love. It is seamless, has great little details, a flared base (for anal safety) all made out of a silicone that is odour free, body safe as well as boilable, bleachable and dishwasher approved.

Tantus Adam

Available in three different colors: Black, Cocoa and Cream. Translation: Black, Caramel and light beige. It measures 7.3″ in length along the outer curve, 6.5″ along the inner curve. The circumference measures from 4.9″ – 5.1″.


Adam comes in the regular Tantus packaging, which displays the toy very well. It is made of plastic you can recycle. However it is a bit fiddly to use as storage, I like to have toys at hand for quick access and do not want to have to pry a box open.

Tantus Adam Box

In use

This dildo is surprisingly similar to the Tantus Mark in terms of feel. I thought it would be softer, because the size boasts a larger volume of silicone. But it feels about the same.  Not as soft as what I would classify as real feel, but it does feel more realistic than dildos made with one firmness.

The size of Adam is pretty phenomenal. It is not too small nor too big and it is suitable for anyone with a bit of anal experience. The great curve makes it versatile as you can have the head pointing towards your belly and prostate, or the other way around and have the nice bend massage the prostate. The head is by far the most squishy part of the toy. This helps keep things comfortable. It does not at all feel pointy or unpleasant.

The matte surface of the toy adds friction and holds lubricant in place. You might want to use more lubricant than with glossy toys just because you get a lot more friction from a finish like this. The head however gets super slick and provides an easy insertion. It has a nice tapered design.

Tantus Adam

As it does not have anything unusual when it comes to the texture and surface, insertion and thrusting feels very smooth. This is a toy you can go crazy with! The stimulation it gives the prostate is very direct and intense – but if you turn it around and use the “bend” it feels softer and gentler.


As a toy you use inside the body it is important to clean it properly. But as this is silicone, it could not be easier. Warm water and soap will do. But you can also use any sex toy cleaner, boiling water or simply place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Tantus silicone has a tendency to attract dust and lint and Adam is no exception. If you leave it out in the open it will look like one of those clothes rollers you use to remove lint. Keep it in a box or something between uses and give it a quick rinse before you use it again.

Over all

Tis is a great pice of sex tool. It is gentle yet very stimulating and it has a depth to it that regular dildos just do not come near. The curve is spot on, and makes this awesome for the women as well.

If you are new to anal toys, you could try the Tantus Mark first as it will ease you into it. Otherwise I would totally recommend Adam – it is truly great and the quality is top-notch. Safe for internal use and easy to clean, non porous and medical grade – you can’t really get any better than this and for the price of  $102.99 it is an absolute bargain. Buy it here.


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Thank you very much to Tantus for providing this product for an honest review.

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