Tantus Cush

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Tantus Cush

The Cush is a toy that’s easy to love. Just look at it! It’s absolutely gorgeous. It is a dual colored, dual density O2 dildo from Tantus. Very visually appealing, big in many ways and with just enough texture to keep things interesting.


Cush is a beautiful and solidly sized dildo from Tantus. Made with their sweet O2 Silicone which means it is firm while still being flexible and soft to touch. The core is made of a much denser silicone than the outer coating. And the two are differently colored to create a nice effect. It is surprisingly firm at the base (where the core material come to the surface), but the head is very squeezable – almost like a stress ball.

Measuring in at 6″ in circumference at the thickest insertable part, 8.2″ in circumference around the base, and about 7″ insertable length it is by no means small but still not intimidating.


The box is the same as most Tantus products are delivered in. Clear plastic, with a clamshell inner part holding the toy in place. The toy itself is so big that my box was almost bursting open by itself. It might  be that they use the same inserts for both the Cush and the Flurry, which sports the same design while the latter is slightly smaller. The packaging is clean and simple, and it displays the toy well. It has some marketing text, same as on all other Tantus toys – about the silicone. I wish it had some info about the design of the toy, I would find it interesting.

Tantus Cush Box

In use

Although the dildo lingers on the bigger side it is easy to insert because of the tapered head and the relatively smooth surface. The dual density does really add to the gentleness of the toy and reduces the chance of discomfort during use. It also gives a feeling of “depth” very different from other single density dildos. This ensures that you can use this even if its bigger than what you are comfortable with. And because of the size more super soft O2 silicone is used compared to the smaller sizes. Whats not to love about that?

The silky matte surface means it grabs on to lube well, which is very much necessary when using this anally. It’s bigger than what usually goes up there. Stick with a water based lubricant to make sure you does not damage the surface of the toy.

The flex and squish allow for more comfortable usage as it forms to your body somewhat, but because it is long and straight I feel like it can be a bit poky sometimes. That is because it still gives some pressure while flexing inside you. The toy wants to straighten out. It does not hurt as the head absorbs any rough impact, but it keeps me from wanting to go all out wild riding this thing. on the other side, it’s good for applying pressure where you want it.

That being said, this thing does feel wonderful and filling. The head is nice and bulbous and the biggest part of the toy. Once you’re past the head the rest is inserted with little effort. Because of the ridges it does not feel all that natural.. But. I feel like instead of chasing the natural, real life feeling – why not appreciate what we have here in our hands? Real feeling is not important as long as it feels great. This does pass the test.

Tantus Cush

The only texture to speak of are the pronounced ridges. There is one after the head, and another one further down the shaft going almost all the way around. The head is perfect for rubbing the p spot for us guys, but also for the g spot I presume (?). If you are using the whole length, which feels great, the second ridge will take over the job.

The base is super firm and can easily withstand some heavy thrusting, squeezing and what not. While not being too big, it is easy to grip. Even when your all lubed up. It would also be perfect for a harness, although this remains untested from my end.

Tantus’ silicone is one of my favorite blends. Even though it attracts lint like crazy it has a nice texture and quality feel about it and it does not retain any smells, which is a good thing. It is also body safe and medical grade meaning it is both good for you and will last forever.

After Use

As for cleaning and maintenance this is as easy as any. I know it’s written again, and again. But safety is important – especially for new readers, so here you go:

Silicone toys are cleaned with soap and water and a spritz of your favorite sex toy cleaner. For even more hygienic toys, you can boil it for a couple of minutes, soak it in a bleach/water solution or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Please note the last part, as the bottom rack can be a bit too harsh. Pat dry with a lint free cloth or paper towel, and store in a bag or a box of your choice.

Adds up to

The Cush is gorgeous to look at. I love white toys! It is made of platinum silicone which is of course body safe, and odor free. It never gets sticky like lesser materials can – even though its soft enough that one might think it would. You can get it in a blue and pink tint, as well as the purple one I got. All of them look great. The way the core color peaks through the slightly opaque white coating is stunning. I believe the look varies a bit from toy to toy as well since these are hand-made.

After the O2 Revolution got discontinued I believe this is one of the largest O2 toys in Tantus’ range. It is a great dildo – although too big for many beginners, it is more forgiving than similarly sized toys. It is pretty much wonderful although it lingers a bit on the safe side as far as texture goes.

Support the manufacturer by purchasing yours directly at Tantusinc.com

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This sample was provided by the amazing people at Tantus Inc for a honest review. Thank you.

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  • The Cush is the biggest non-realistic O2 toy since the Revolution’s discontinuation, but there are 2 or 3 realistic toys that are even girthier! Those are beyond me though, so the Cush takes care of any craving for girth I have. Nice review. I’ll have to work up to taking this anally, but I bet I’ll enjoy it just as you have.

    • Thank you for clearing that up. It’s really awesome in its own simplicity. But it’s good to take some time and work up to it, that way you get to enjoy it even more. And thank you for the compliment, I really appreciate it!

  • A bit big and has to be warmed up to but extremely well made and comfortable. The silicone has no defects to be seen and overall just a very well made product. However not for the faint of heart.

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