Tantus Mikey Super Soft

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Tantus Mikey Super Soft

Does good things really come in small packages? The Tantus Mikey might be one of those. I was lucky enough to snag one in the Super Soft silicone! And you get all the details. Check out the review after the jump.


Tantus Mikey is a short but stout dildo made of Tantus’ own platinum silicone. It is available in a dual density O2 material, as well as the one I have in a Super Soft silicone using only the softer surface material from O2 line. The Mikey Super Soft is discontinued from Tantus’ side, but many retailers still have some in stock.

It measures up to 5.5″ in circumference, 5.5″ in length with about 5″ usable.


My Mikey came in a bulk packaging – consisting of a plastic bag closed off with a thick paper sheet with some Tantus info. Nothing too fancy there.


When I first got it in my hands I though it would be too small for any real sensations, but the super supple silicone was surprisingly nice. I have used a couple of Tantus’ O2 silicone toys, but those have a firm core making them feel sturdier and firmer or denser if you like. But the Super Soft silicone consists of only the softer material from the O2 line. It adds up to a toy feeling very much like a stress ball! I can’t stop squeezing this when it’s in close proximity of me. It just feels so awesome.

Tantus Mikey Super Soft

The design is pretty realistic, although a bit stylized. It has some subtle veining going on down the matte shaft, and a slightly pronounced glossy head. The base is nice and simple and should work well with a harness. Tantus has quite the reputation about their superior quality while every toy is being handmade. There are no mold lines or imperfections on this one. However the soft silicone seems to be prone to nicks and scratches if you aren’t careful. This is noticeable on the underside of the base.

Being as soft as it is I was a bit worried about the ease of usage, and more importantly the ease of insertion. However because it has a generous girth insertion is pretty easy once lubed up. Stick with water based lubricants as the Super Soft silicone is known to be a bit delicate, and may react badly to other lubricants.

The shiny head gets super slick, and the squish of the material means it is inserted without any discomfort. It does offer a filling sensation without stretching  the sphincter. While thrusting this toy I would wish that the base was a tad bit firmer as it bends easily when you grip it..

Tantus Mikey Super Soft

However if you use it standing up it’s not a problem. The soft silicone even grabs on to the surface and if you wet it and use it in the shower, it will stick pretty well. And that’s without a dedicated suction cup. Neat!

And oh my does this feel great. Even though I would not expect it – this does feel very close to the real deal. Especially if you give it a warm bath before use. It glides in and out without much friction, and is really simple, clean fun. If you are new to anal play, you might want to try a more tapered toy first. The Mikey does not have much distance between the widest part, as the head is very much rounded. But if you had your way with a dildo or a normal sized butt plug it should not be a problem to jump straight to this.

Mikey is a toy I reach for when i want a filling sensation without, preparations, stretching or discomfort. It’s just a really great toy. I might have enjoyed a couple more inches in length.. But it is really great as is.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning is the same as with other silicone toys. Rinse with water and soap, spray on some sex toy cleaner to disinfect. Let air dry or use a lint free cloth and store in a box or a satin bag to keep the lint away.

You could also boil it for a couple of minutes, bathe it in bleach and water solution, or throw it in the dishwasher – top rack.


I have come to expect a great deal from Tantus toys. This one, although an old design, does not let me down. Even though it is discontinued – you may be able to find this hidden gem somewhere at your local sex toy store. If you do I urge you to pick one up. It can also be bought directly from Tantus in the O2 material – while the design is the same, it will be a bit firmer allowing you to feel more of the girth.

Although it’s on the short side, it’s almost nothing short of perfect. The silicone is safe and odor free, although it feels a bit more sticky than the firmer variants. It’s nice and thick, easy to use and with no fuss.

Good things really do come in small packages. Check out Tantus Inc for more awesome toys. You can get the Mikey, although in a sligtly firmer O2 material here.

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  • I’m glad you got to try this one, not so much because of the dildo itself but because of the material. I have the Super Soft Mikey and also the Super Soft VIP. Mikey for me leaves much to be desired. Yea he’s very filling which I love, but he’s too short for reaching any pleasure zones. So I never quite felt satisfied with him. The reason I’m glad you tried it is because how much I love Tantus’s Super Soft silicone. I think it’s much better than O2 and much more realistic like you said yourself.

    The VIP Super Soft is perfect because it’s thick, long and flexible and it has squishy balls. It’s so disappointing that Tantus discontinued it. I think O2 is great, but it just has that hardness that a real cock doesn’t. VIP SS is my favorite dildo. I’ve used him so much and always climax with him. If you ever spot one in the wild, grab it! I love it so much that I grabbed a second one in a different when Tantus had their clearance sale. It’s also disappointing that Tantus has pretty much discontinued their Super Soft silicone material. They recently made the Amsterdam dildo in Super Soft, but I’d prefer they made their realistic dildos in SS instead of O2.

    What do you think?

    (And yea, soaking it in warm water for a few minutes before play makes it feel like the real thing alright. I do it with all of my dildos) ;-)

    • Aaah! I want a super soft VIP so much! Unfortunately, It got discontinued before I had the chance. That is just great… But I am still on the lookout.

      I agree on Mikey’s length, but I do find that his girth is nice. And yes – I think the super soft silicone is superior, even though its a bit more fragile. As the O2 dildos use SS as the outer layer, I’m sure it is just a matter of tweaking the core thickness to get the perfect combination. But as of now they do feel rather rigid compared to the real deal. Tantus is a company I know listens to it’s customers, so in time we might just get what we want. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! :-)

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