Tantus Raptor

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Tantus Raptor

I emerge once again after a hectic time with a new review for you guys! This dildo looks fresh as can be. The orange dinosaur pecker from Tantus is a good choice if you like your stuff the firm way.

Tantus toys are made of Platinum silicone, and this is no exception. This does of course mean that it is odor free, non porous, body safe and hypo allergenic. You can sterilize it and share it with a partner if you want.

It has an untraditional design being slightly tilted, with a pair of perky balls on the shaft. It may seem like it wastes the usable length, but it really adds to the experience.

Raptor is a big toy – and it goes without saying that it is not perfect for beginners. I know how lame it sound, but it is best to get comfortable with one size before stretching for another. It measures just under 8″ (20.3cm) in total length. around 5″ (12.6cm) of which are insertable. The head measures almost 6″ (15.1cm) in circumference and the slimmest part of the shaft is 5″ (12.6cm) in circumference. If this isn’t enough, check out the Tantus Raptor XL.

First impressions are great, it comes in the classic Tantus packaging, with tasteful info on the product and material. Tantus is among the best in the industry when it comes to non-sleazy packaging. It displays the toy well which is the most important thing. I kinda wish they had kept the promo packaging though. That was awesome!

When I got it out of the packaging I was honestly expecting it to spell like oranges! The color is so fresh and fruity, my brain was all “ooh, citrus” – but it smells like any other Tantus toy, slightly plasticky. The color is just like a ripe tangerine but with a slight perlescent shimmer. It looks stunning. I can feel the quality, and it does not have a single mold line or imperfection, just a few tiny bubbles under the surface around the balls. If orange isn’t your thing you can also get it in black and purple!


The dildo is a medium large toy with the unusual perky balls placed 2/3 down on the shaft. It is slightly angled and the head is comfortably rounded. The surface of the toy is not as velvety as other Tantus toys tend to be. Its more like the texture you get on scratch resistant hard plastic like on the Xbox controllers. However the head is shiny and smooth in true Tantus fashion. It feels like one of the firmer ones I have from Tantus. It does have a little give to it, but it is still flexible so it is comfortable to use. It is comparable to the Maverick, except that one has a more velvety surface.

Tantus Raptor

This toy requires a good amount of lube. As the head is the biggest part of the toy, lube is essential to a smooth insertion. After the head passes the sphincter muscles it slides the rest of the way almost by itself. I really enjoy this type of design as it stretches a bit at first, but lets you relax just past the head. It also invites to be thrusted as it will slide effortlessly into the body and add a slight resistance on the way out. It’s no need to worry about it falling out uncontrolled. The head feels filling at any depth without the constant stretching of a more girthy toy.

The subtle texture on the shaft feels pleasant and it holds on to lube well. I also think the little ridge beneath the head helps lube from being pushed off on the outside of the body.

The slightly angled base helps direct it towards the prostate and it does provide some direct stimulation, but it is not very intense. I find that it is actually more enjoyable to use it the other way around so that the balls face my own, and touches my perineum with each thrust. This way it sort of just rubs the prostate both ways, producing waves of pleasure. And with the perky balls I never worry about inserting too much or being too rough. It also makes things a lot more comfortable when squatting over and riding it seeing as the height is just perfect. I never feel like I have to go uncomfortably low to insert the whole thing.

Would you prefer an even larger beast – check out my review of the big brother; the Raptor XL! Size comparison below.

Tantus Raptor Comparison


I’ll just quickly repeat myself here, as cleaning is very important when it comes to sex toys, people! Silicone toys like the Raptor can be washed with soap and water as well as any sex toy cleaner. You can sterilize it by using bleach solution, boiling it or putting it in the top rack of the dishwasher.

It should be stored someplace safe as it does attract a bit of dust, but not as bad as some other toys.


I know I am a huge fan of Tantus toys. But what do you expect when they tend to do things right? The Raptor sports an unusual design in a refreshing color. It has the girth to fill you up and the perfect length for safe play AND it’s angled so you can choose which way you want it pointing with minimal hassle.

It is an incredible dildo for thrusting and I would without doubt recommend it to you guys, as long as you have some experience. That head can be a challenge. Grab yours here! It is only 83.98 USD.

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This sample was provided by the amazing people at Tantus Inc for an honest review. Thank you.

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