Tantus Super Soft C-Ring

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Tantus Super Soft C Ring

Tantus keeps up the pace with their new silicone cock rings. These are high quality, stretchy, seamless pieces of silicone gorgeousness’ for your cock.

The Super Soft C-Ring from Tantus really lives up to its name. Once I got it out of the packaging I could not help myself, it is really the softest most silky smooth piece of silicone I have ever touched. I keep thinking I am hard to impress, but this really surprised me. Whoever decided on the finish over at Tantus – Major creds to you!

The ring itself comes in a simple and tasteful clam-shell packaging, it has some info about the material and how to use the ring. It is easy to pop open – and it is sturdy enough to be used as storage. However it is a tad too large for my preference, not that you need a storage box for this anyway. It has the most dust repellent finish I have seen on a silicone toy.

Tantus Super Soft C Ring Packaging

The ring is relatively small and while it does stretch a good deal to fit most sizes it is not as stretchy as the Keepburning Zizi rings or similar. It measures 1.7″ / 4.5cm in diameter and 0.4″ / 1cm in band width.

It keeps things simple, but as a great multi purpose ring it does what other rings do – it keeps your dick hard, enables you to feel more and possibly last longer. And it does so with style.

It is hard to determine if it really makes you last longer and that would be individual as well.. But what is certain is that it gives your dick some extra oomph. I think it is a great way to add a bit of fun, with as little work as possible.

It is easy to slip on as a regular penis ring, but you can also fasten it around both shaft and balls if you like it tight. It is also possible to use it around the balls. Depending on how you want to use it things can get a bit fiddly. Use some lube and apply while erect and it should not be a task too difficult.

Tantus Super Soft C Ring

The awesome hot red color does look nice and masculine. But the ring is also available in black and a bluish purple. All with the same satin soft surface texture – needless to say they look great.

I would really recommend this ring if you want something of premium quality, that will last forever and is so smooth that you probably can’t leave it alone. It is more expensive than other basic rings, but you get the premium body safe silicone and you buy from a company that is genuinely interested in the sexual well being of people. In addition it does not smell – anything – compared to stinky, tear producing jelly toys. You can honestly feel the quality. Another benefit to silicone is that it that it can be sterilized. So it is safe to use with different partners and you won’t end up re-infecting yourself if you catch something. This is very important for a cock ring that may be used with more partners compared to a masturbator that is used alone.

It gets plus points for Tantus’ silicone, ease of use and color. Also it is virtually seamless, even though the official pictures does show a seam I can not feel it on mine.

Do yourself a favor – drop the cheap jelly rings and just get this first rather than last. Lovehoney offers a great alternative for international readers. EU readers can stop by Hot Stuff.

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Many thanks to Tantus for providing this product for an honest review.

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