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Wild Rides

Nothing beats a good erotic story. Except maybe three of them. This collection, from British publisher Xcite Books, is a neat little pocket-book featuring three short stories following gay guys in vastly different situations. Not too serious, fun and easy to read. There is something in here for everyone.

Title: Wild Rides | Author: Elizabeth Coldwell | Publisher: Xcite | ISBN: 9781908262363 | Year: 2012 | Language: UK English

The book itself is a pretty standard pocket-size containing just over 200 pages. It should be manageable for most. It has three different stories again suitable for a wide audience. For the most part it is pretty fun and not too serious. And the writing in an oral style language helps add to this.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I started reading this. The start of the first part was not really that interesting as it was predictable and dragged on for a bit. However once things got going it never really slowed down until the end of the book. Different twists and turns to keep you engaged as well. Great!

Xcite Books Wild Rides

Ridden Hard

The first story is about an actor who lies about his talents and then ends up in a role near impossible for him to act out. Trying to keep the lies from catching up to him he joins up with a dominant teacher for help. As the story unfolds a light tone takes part, funny lines and witty details are everywhere. I more than once found myself smiling and giggling by myself.

It is being narrated in first person – as the main character. It goes straight to the good stuff, featuring light BDSM and fetish play as well as what you could expect of the usual sexual activities. Nothing too much for the average person to handle though. It is easy to keep up as you are let in on personal thoughts going on “behind the scenes”. It does have a clear action time line (may I call it that?) with a somewhat slow start, tension building, climax (pun, pun), a sudden twist of events as it slows down towards the end, which comes pretty abrupt. I found the ending to be nice though, it tied up a couple of loose ends and left a good feeling. I would prefer a bit more to the end, but as it is intended to be nothing more than a short novella, this will have to do.

Excerpt: “In Ridden Hard, actor Jamie lies to land a part – and suffers the consequences at the hands of dominant riding instructor Andrej.”

Stud To Go

The second story is one about a young guy working as an escort trying to make ends meet. After a while though, things get complicated with one of the clients and you can guess how it goes from there. Also narrated in first person – from the main characters point of view, it is also easy to follow the events. This however has a bit more serious tone over it, if that’s even possible in a funny erotic novella. It is still amusing to read with its clever hidden jokes. As you can imagine from the escort business we witness different things including BDSM, bondage, toys and a bit more. This is also the longest story of the three, giving it a bit more meat on the bone. This helps you get the characters better. than in the other two. Same as the first one, it has a pretty standard action line, and an ending leaving it up to you to decide how things really ends. This is the story I enjoyed the most of the three.

Excerpt: “In Stud To Go, Ben solves his financial woes by taking a job as an escort in Amsterdam, only to find himself crossing the line between business and pleasure when he meets gorgeous client Jeroen.”


The third and last story follows a flight crew on a layover at a tropical island. Their stay gets extended and what was supposed to be a quick fling ended up being taken further than it probably should. The story is written in a third person view which gets a little less personal, and focuses more on the overall situation. The slutty girl-best friend and the gay guy follows their own little vacation love story with a French pilot and an Afro-American hunk. This actually leads to a lot of hot sex..

Excerpt: “Layover sees flight attendant Cal stranded on the paradise island of Aruba, and drawn into a passionate fling with resort manager Justin.”

What Do I Think?

In all the short stories, the text is detailed enough to keep you going, but not too much so that it ruins the act of imagining every dirty detail. It does not really give any time to waste and is surprisingly straight to business. Although this is good to keep the length down, it also makes things seem a bit shallow. They contain a variety of sexual content from dominant master to sensual meetings, toys, age, bondage, watching etc. – all this entwined with the characters trying to keep up with their seemingly fast paced lives. I like the overall positive attitude reflected throughout the book and it certainly paints a good naughty picture.

To my surprise love is actually an ongoing theme in this book, something I would not have guessed. It’s love stories with a lot of sex. It adds something extra to the mix although I still feel it’s a tad shallow. The characters are all pretty likable, nice guys. Although because of the narrative, I don’t feel as close to Cal and his tales in Layover, which is sad because his story is actually rather cute.

I would say I am not usually a fan of written erotica but this book forces me to reconsider that. It’s something strange reading about all this hotness, it’s like once its written on paper it feels slightly more naughty than it otherwise would. It brings out something like the feeling of peaking at your first porn pictures without anyone knowing. And it does its job well, and got my bulge going more than once. Who would have thought?

Exiting things happens on almost every page – I almost wish my life was this seemingly straight forward and exciting as well. Oh well, hooray for fiction. I don’t think these guys would have lasted long in real life though!

Xcite Books Wild Rides

I really enjoyed reading this and would happily recommend this to anyone into gay love affairs. Its strong points being easy to read, well written, oral language, not too long and three stories focusing on different things. It is really a celebration of all things gay and would surely find its place in many book cases in the time to come. Take it for what it is and do not expect a lot of deep meaning and reading between the lines though. Everything is laid out for you to enjoy!

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Thank you very much to Naughty Corner and Xcite Books providing this book for me to review through The Vibe Book Club at Sextoys.co.uk

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