Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

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Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

Zini has for a while made beautiful looking g-spot and clitoral vibrators, but they also have a small repertoire for penis owners. Meet Zini Dib Bang! Bang! A rotating masturbator with a simple and discreet appearance.

Zini Dib Bang Bang was sponsored by CoolMaleSexToy for an honest review. This does not affect my views.

Strikingly simple and understated design works really well in a product like this. We’re not after realism here at all. The pill shaped body of Zini Dib Bang Bang is made of sturdy white plastic and the only things that break the clean surface is the charging port on the back and button controls on the front.

It has a dual tone elastomer orifice with a rotating textured elastomer cup underneath. This is what does the magic. It feels super soft and not at all sticky. The surface is sort of frosted, which works really well. The inner cup can be swapped out with many different textures available at a small cost.

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

Everything seemed to add up to a really promising toy. That is, until I started using it. First of all, the insertable length is not that much. The total is 4.5 inches (11.5 cm), but the stimulating cup is only 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) deep. Similar to the Fun Factory Cobra Libre and Imtoy Piu only the head gets stimulated.

However the limiting factor here is the diameter. Its only 1.2 inches across (3 cm) and that means you’re edge to edge in this thing. Sure the elastomer has some give to it, but depending on the level of excitement – it brings the machine to a halt. To put this in perspective.. Two fingers are enough to slow it down considerably.

This means that once I force myself into this thing, I have to use max speed to get some movement and that poor motor is chugging along getting hotter and hotter. It feels great when it’s just barely tickling the tip of my cock, but that is not enough to serve me that orgasm. Actually, I am able to force myself but that is not the ultimate orgasm experience the packaging tells me about.

My calculations show that to be able to enjoy this product your penis should have a girth of below 4 inches (10 cm) when fully erect. It’s clearly not made to fit everyone, but here’s hoping for a larger version. It sure does have potential. And did I mention it looks great?

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

Another drawback is the orifice. The elastomer, even though it’s held in place by a ring in the same fashion as all Fleshlights, is glued in place on the inside. This means that when cleaning, water gets trapped between the plastic and elastomer. It makes it hard to dry properly, and I have water coming out of mine weeks after cleaning. It needs special attention that’s not really necessary.

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

The suction cup does allow for great usage variations and hands free play. Most appealing to me is to fasten it under the computer desk while watching porn. Super neat. It’s pretty strong as well and holds 120 kilo.

If it were to fit better, I am sure I would be able to enjoy the sensation more. It does have 10 rotation modes with 5 speed settings each. Modes are color coded to quickly distinguish the different ones. That means the buttons light up in different colors according to the mode. It does not do anything else than rotate and change direction along the way. A handy pause button enables quick stops when needed.

Using a decibel app on my phone (not very scientific or accurate) it ticks in at around 80-85 db, which is described as the inside of a normal car. Seems fitting as this is definitely not a very quiet thing.

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

It comes with a wall adapter/charger that plugs in under the flap on the back. 2 hours charge time gives 1-2 hours of usage. Also, while maintaining the Zini Dib is easy thanks to the parts separating the unit itself is not waterproof. Care is needed when cleaning. I have already discussed the less than fortunate design of the orifice – and the elastomer cup is already showing signs of wear after just a few uses. This could be better.

Zini Dib Bang! Bang! Packaging

It’s a nice and bold attempt to try something different for us guys, but it’s not there yet. On the right track, yes. It’s just simply too small for average to larger penises and the glue coupled with the easy tearing elastomer… For this price, I’d expect more. Therefore I’m not comfortable recommending this as is. At least make sure it fits before buying and be gentle.

Have you tried it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. It’s available for $150 at CoolMaleSextoy with additional cups retailing for $30.


Zini has for a while made beautiful looking g-spot and clitoral vibrators, but they also have a small repertoire for penis owners. Meet Zini Dib Bang! Bang! A rotating masturbator with a simple and discreet appearance. Zini Dib Bang Bang was sponsored by CoolMaleSexToy for an honest review. This does…

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

Design - 8.5
Material & quality - 5
Stimulation intensity - 5
Features - 7
Experienced pleasure - 3



A great looking toy with promising functions. It's very small and won't fit everyone. Be sure to take the measurements. Could be a bit higher quality to ensure longevity, but the parts can be replaced.

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  • I second everything said in the article, especially the comments about penis size. I have 6 inch girth and cannot use this device. Disappointed as I doubt I can return it used.

    • Glad to hear I’m not the only one! You should check in with the store, you might be surprised. Lovehoney – one of my faves, has a one year return policy even on used products. That’s a really nice gesture.

  • I find that the rechargeable batt’s ability to fully charge after only less than 4-5uses, and the session gets shorter and shorter. Is there anyway to change the rechargeable battery?

    • That’s a shame! You can probably get it replaced at the store you bought it from. The battery is not user replaceable – but if you’re technical, it should be doable.

  • First, when it works, this thing gives an orgasm that is scrape-yourself-off-the-ceiling unreal. BUT… I second the comment re not holding charge long (its quickly lost in standby – pull it off the wall to use it), and definitely the girth issue. Its not capable at slow speeds, and at higher speeds… let’s just say it seems to overheat and die right at the worst possible moment, almost every time. Not cool. I actually tried modifying one of the cups (there’s one that’s just a spiral, so not much inside) by using scissors to trim away much of the material on the outside of the cup. That helps not bog down the motor, but not enough. Its a shame – this is a toy with so much promise! Also, the orifice elastomer tore on mine – still works fine, but doesn’t do as good a job of keeping lube in.

    Net: it seems like this was never tested on an above-average (or average) girth penis? One test would have quickly sent them back to the drawing board. Hoping a new version fixes these issues…

    • Those are my thoughts exactly. Many of the Asian toys aren’t designed for worldwide use and may not fit very well because of this. It’s almost useless because of the sizing, but two or three different sizes would solve the problem completely. Here’s hoping that happens!

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