Keepburning B12 Silicone

More lube! This time a silicone type from Keepburning. I have always been a bit hesitant to recommend silicone lubes but this might be an exception.

Zizi Black Hole Tunnel

New to the Zizi family of Keepburning toys is the tunnel plug with the fitting name Black Hole. It's a plug for unplugging you hole. Neat. You might ask what a tunnel plug is good for, seeing as butt plugs are all about - yes, plugging a hole. Well, it's all about the feeling.

Bulder Kuklog

Greetings! I have a world premiere for you all today. It is a new brand for us boys, namely Bulder. This right here is called Kuklog, and is a small silicone dildo with a hefty base for excellent support.