Nexus Vibro

A rough-looking vibrating prostate stimulator. Does the Nexus Vibro have enough oomph to topple Aneros from the unofficial prostate throne?

Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is somewhat legendary. But it is also a product that has a few contradicting experiences floating around the internet. This requires my attention and at the same time brings a male opinion to the table.

Lelo Hugo & Bruno

Two of the all new anal products from Lelo are called Hugo and Bruno. Both of them are hands free prostate and perineum stimulators with two powerful vibrating motors. They are exactly the same except that Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless SenseMotion remote. Well designed, powerful and easy to use are some of the highlights from both.

Lelo Loki

This is one of Lelo's latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less.

Lelo Billy

Billy is an anal vibrator and prostate massager from Swedish Lelo. It has not yet been updated like its female counterparts - is this 6-year-old champion still in the game?

L’amourose Rosa

There is a new master prostate massager in town - and it is called L'amourose Rosa. Do not let the soft and sensual name fool you, this is a fully fledged pleasure machine to the core.

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

This is probably one of the biggest highlights from 2013. The Stronic product line by Fun Factory has won countless awards and deserves to be called revolutionary. Here, we'll take a look at number two in the series; the Stronic Zwei.

Tantus Prostate Play

Tantus Prostate Play is a silicone prostate stimulator with a pinpoint tip and a full body so that you know it's in there. It looks good on paper, but it does not quite make it.

Nexus Revo 2

Nexus Revo 2 is among the most technically advanced in prostate stimulation now a days. It comes in a similar model with an included remote, called Revo Stealth. Both of them stimulate the prostate with rotation.

Tantus Slow Drive

Tantus is digging in the vault and out comes an old classic. Namely the Tantus Faerie. It has gotten a slight redesign with a new base and a name change as well. Curved for prostate stimulation and made to work perfectly in a harness.

Electrastim Ovid

The Ovid is a nicely shaped black silicone dildo with a hidden secret. It attaches to ElectraStim's electro stimulator to send jolts directly into the prostate. At first I had a hard time believing that silicone would actually conduct electricity. But all doubt was vanquished when I connected everything and turned it on while it was up my butt.

Aneros Eupho Syn

The Aneros Eupho Syn is an advanced prostate massager evolved from the Eupho Classic. It is back with a new coat of silicone and slightly refined design.