Hot Octopuss Pulse III (3) Solo

Hot Octopuss is at it again. This time it isn't a huge step forward, but decent improvements that has been requested since day one. And that's saying something when we're talking about one of the best products for men at the moment. This is the Pulse III Solo.

Hot Octopuss Pulse II Duo

I have been raving about the Pulse products for some years now, and finally get to look at the ultimate version. Namely the Duo. Pulse II Duo is basically the same as the Pulse II Solo, with the addition of an extra vibrator for the underside. This is useful for partner play.

Vorze A10 Cyclone SA

If you're familliar with the brand of male masturbators called Rends, you know that these Japanese contraptions are unique and high quality products. From the makers of Rends comes this new brand new product series called Vorze. A10 Cyclone SA is a fully automated masturbation machine and boy does it deliver.

Lelo Loki Wave

With Lelo's renewed focus on all things male pleasure and the launch of Loki, Hugo and Bruno it was only a matter of time until we got a wavy version similar to Mona and Ina Wave. Loki Wave is just that. It's a fusion between the already released products and it moves, you guys! With a come hither motion that looks pretty slick.

Lelo Pino

Lelo is back with a vibrating penis ring for the gentlemen and horny bankers, designed exclusively for the latter. Waterproof, rechargeable and covered in silicone. A power upgrade for every penis out there.

Zini Dib Bang! Bang!

Zini has for a while made beautiful looking g-spot and clitoral vibrators, but they also have a small repertoire for penis owners. Meet Zini Dib Bang! Bang! A rotating masturbator with a simple and discreet appearance.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II (2)

Second generation of the worlds first penis vibrator is here. It comes with an improved motor, control panel and charger. I have put it to the test to see whether it's worth the upgrade.

Lelo Loki

This is one of Lelo's latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less.

Lelo Billy

Billy is an anal vibrator and prostate massager from Swedish Lelo. It has not yet been updated like its female counterparts - is this 6-year-old champion still in the game?

Imtoy Piu

Imtoy steps into the line of so called guybrators with their latest offering, the Imtoy Piu. This vibrating silicone and plastic contraption contains three motors for optimum stimulation.

Lelo Smart Wand Large

The Lelo Smart Wand Large is a luxurious, rechargeable massage wand that anyone will be able to enjoy. It truly is a great piece of tech, one I find myself reaching for a lot more than others.

L’amourose Rosa

There is a new master prostate massager in town - and it is called L'amourose Rosa. Do not let the soft and sensual name fool you, this is a fully fledged pleasure machine to the core.