Fun Factory Cobra Libre II (2)

Second generation of the worlds first penis vibrator is here. It comes with an improved motor, control panel and charger. I have put it to the test to see whether it's worth the upgrade.

Lelo Hugo & Bruno

Two of the all new anal products from Lelo are called Hugo and Bruno. Both of them are hands free prostate and perineum stimulators with two powerful vibrating motors. They are exactly the same except that Hugo comes with the addition of a wireless SenseMotion remote. Well designed, powerful and easy to use are some of the highlights from both.

Lelo Loki

This is one of Lelo's latest offering for men. Loki. A powerful prostate massager that is both simple to use and very powerful. It has a design that is coherent with the rest of the Lelo product line, but it is unique non the less.

Lelo Billy

Billy is an anal vibrator and prostate massager from Swedish Lelo. It has not yet been updated like its female counterparts - is this 6-year-old champion still in the game?

Imtoy Piu

Imtoy steps into the line of so called guybrators with their latest offering, the Imtoy Piu. This vibrating silicone and plastic contraption contains three motors for optimum stimulation.

Lelo Smart Wand Large

The Lelo Smart Wand Large is a luxurious, rechargeable massage wand that anyone will be able to enjoy. It truly is a great piece of tech, one I find myself reaching for a lot more than others.

Ride Bodyworx Lube

Sliquid has a range of different lubricants, and these three in the Ride Bodyworx line are made especially for men. We have one water based, one hybrid and one silicone based lubricant. All of which are runny, lightweight and very slippery.

L’amourose Rosa

There is a new master prostate massager in town - and it is called L'amourose Rosa. Do not let the soft and sensual name fool you, this is a fully fledged pleasure machine to the core.

Soloflesh V2

Soloflesh is a lifesize water filled masturbator made in pure silicone. You know, for that natural bouncy feeling. It offers a floating vagina and a lifelike inner texture.

Fun Factory Stronic Zwei

This is probably one of the biggest highlights from 2013. The Stronic product line by Fun Factory has won countless awards and deserves to be called revolutionary. Here, we'll take a look at number two in the series; the Stronic Zwei.

Bad Dragon Duke’s Butt

Bad Dragon was one of the first companies to make a real silicone masturbation sleeve. Not only that, but a dragon themed one. Since then, we have gotten a few more amazing designs and textures to choose from. This is Duke's Butt.