Zolo Stax

Zolo Stax is a masturbator in the same style as Heps Otris. I really like the concept of flexible build-your-own products with mix and match textures. However, I'm not entirely comfortable recommending it. It just doesn't manage to live up to its own promise.

Heps Otris

Heps Otris is a refreshing take on the modern masturbator, and it's the only one of its kind. This one is customizable in terms of both texture, length and suction unlike anything I have seen before.

Zizi Black Hole Tunnel

New to the Zizi family of Keepburning toys is the tunnel plug with the fitting name Black Hole. It's a plug for unplugging you hole. Neat. You might ask what a tunnel plug is good for, seeing as butt plugs are all about - yes, plugging a hole. Well, it's all about the feeling.